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Staying Fit: How To Get A Dancer's Body?
Amazed at all your favorite KPOP stars looking glorious, lean and curvy? You can look the same way too but you need to work out! College cheerdance competitors also have their exercise regimen to achieve fitness and strength training to perform their acrobatic routines. If you love dance sport and dance as an entertaining and enjoyable health regimen, you plan a workout that is both fun and less of a chore like most aerobic and strength training regimens..
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Yoga and Pilates: Strength Exercises that Don't Require You to Lift Weights
Stretching exercises have a more powerful effect on our body than we think we know. Yoga and Pilates are some of the best at keeping you fit, strong and toned, so you look good and beautiful and you're in top shape than you will ever be from other high impact exercises. Both these exercise regimens also help your flexibility if you are into dancing.
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