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Brown Red: Speed and Quickness Kills
Used as either relentless pit fighter or as broodstock, the Brown Red is all speed and quickness with a cutting attack second to none. Infused into other bloodlines, the Brown Red makes these gamefowl crosses better and faster hitting killers. Speed kills.
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Whitehackle: Aggressive Power
Whitehackle gamefowl make for one of the finest broodstocks for any sabong aficionado, They combine power hitting and unmatched gameness into an awesome pit fighting engine of a rooster. It is also one of the broodstocks used in creating the new Kelso crosses and Sweater crosses that are very popular today.
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McRae: Smart Counter Puncher
Like the Lemon, which makes 'abang' before moving in for the kill, the McRae has fight smarts written all over its genes, Good cutters that counter slash when an opponent commits to the attack. They have been bred into the new Vertical Sweater too by the Nesmiths so you know they're top rooster too.
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Blueface Hatch: Power Extreme
All Hatches are power gamefowl. They hit hard enough to stun an opponent into submission. On top of that single stroke power, they have good cutting, gameness, and break high to evade attacks. The Blueface Hatch is one of the Hatch Breeds that is always welcome as a pit fighter in any gamefowl breeder's arsenal and for infusing power into other lines.
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Gamefowl Fighting Styles!
Want to know how each of your favorite Bloodline fights inside the ring? Here is a rundown of the most popular Gamefowl Bloodline fighting styles among the roosters you will come across in derbies and mains all across our sabong loving nation. Looking for a bloodline to help improve your own broodstock, check out our list so you know what traits go best with your own favored gamefowl.
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Yellow Leg Hatch: Yer Power Slasher
The most feared among the Hatch family of gamefowl. It is a cross of the Blueface Hatch, the Whitehackle and the Roundhead. It is also the smarter fighter among all the Hatches which have a reputation of attack, attack and attack. The Yellow Leg Hatch does initiate the fight but it fights smart, sometimes in a counterattacking style.
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