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Computers Going Quantum: NASA Runs First Quantum Supercomputer
NASA is now running the world's first quantum computer which could possibly change the way our tech works. The space agency will first develop computing protocols that will establish the technology as an accurate, extremely eficient way of using electonic computing power before commercial applications are spinned off. 5 years from now, expect the windfall to be amazing.
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3 Versions of Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics is simply a group of theories that offer math models explaining how physical phenomena works at microscopic size or atomic and subatomic levels. There are many theories that explain how the universe exists via quantum mechanics, from the original cloud atoms to the alternate realities existing all at the same time proposition. And there are math models that define all of these theories too. From 30 years ago, atoms no longer spin around an orbital. They are a micro cloud of everything and everywhere giving solid and more to our universe.
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