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Roundhead: Better Red Than Dead
Another amazing 'Texas' fighter. As tough as a Kelso in any matchup. A fair bet to win a fight. Good cutting, fast and smart shuffling combined with power afer recent crosses with Hatch blood has made this gamefowl the best of the pure REDS.
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Brown Red: Speed and Quickness Kills
Used as either relentless pit fighter or as broodstock, the Brown Red is all speed and quickness with a cutting attack second to none. Infused into other bloodlines, the Brown Red makes these gamefowl crosses better and faster hitting killers. Speed kills.
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Butcher: Weaving & Cutting
The Butcher is one of the smartest fighting Reds. One of the deadliest in the short knife slasher, hitting head and neck like an assassin. Is also a consistent body slasher gamefowl in the same knife category. A wicked fighter if you can get the Phil Marsh maintained bloodline.
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