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Interview with Charles Tan: On Bibliophile Stalker, tracking the Best Books No One Knows About
Yes, WATTPAD has changed everyone's reading habits for good. But there still ARE awesome books all around that we don't know about. Charles Tan, who manages a blog called Bibliophile Stalker which covered the best in pulp and genre fiction like the nightly 6:30 news, and now has a more casual focus.
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Fantasy Comics! Dark One IS Greg Williams
Grow up with Fantasy Comics from the 90s? Dark One is Greg Williams, the creator and artist of Animal Mystic, a Sirius Comic Book with environmentalist crusader, Nikki Roanoke as Jatarri. With Mad Max becoming popular again as our post apocalypse hero with high octane blood, why not get the best female character in comics for a post apocalyptic scenario too? Check out the comics of Animal Mystic and see how golden, comics were in the 90s.
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Hugo Author, Peter Watts on Scary Science Fiction, Villains and Open Source
If there is any need of proof that Open Source distribution of fiction WORKS, it is Peter Watts from Canada, one of the hottest hard-science fiction writers today. His Hugo nominated Blindsight novel tripled its sales after being listed online as open source and brought the spotlight on his incredibly insightful writing. His work is now part of several college courses on Philosophy, neurosychology and even a literature class in Berkeley.
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Interview with Michael Swanwick: On The Iron Dragon's Daughter and Fantasy
Michael Swanwick is one of the most revered sci-fi fantasy novelists and is the author of the subversive YA book, The Iron Dragon's Daughter. As a story, the relationship of Jane and Melancthon reads like something straight out of some cult anime series--elves in mafia suits and sentient cyber-dragons-of-war that hate the Goddess of the realm. In our interview, Michael talks about writing as craft, his new book The Iron Dragon's Mother, and plenty more insights about sci-fi and pulp hero adventure books.
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