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Homeschooling Works! Novelist Christopher Paolini
Homeschooling might work as a smarter and more focused way of letting kids learn craft, and core values. Christopher Paolini is a prime example of a kid who could. At 15, writing his first novel, a fantasy epic called ERAGON, which went on to become a cult bestseller and a Disney movie to boot. Homeschooling produces some incredible talent indeed.
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Author, Marian Tee: On Romance Writercraft
With Amazon and New York Times bestselling titles like The Demon Duke and I, How to Kiss a Greek Billionaire and paranormal romance Wolf Fight, Marian Tee may be the most underrated and successful Pinay novelist romance fans all over the world know yet she still is under the radar in our own Wattpad crazy country. We interview Marian Tee about her approach to writing and self-publishing, and how to get successful in underserved romance novel niche genres.
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Indie Action-Adventure Author: Ian Kharitonov
Many think that indie authors only work in genres like pulp romance or erotica: think 40 Shades of Grey. But many authors have their own measure of success writing men's action adventure novels like Ian Kharitonov who writes about a Russian, Indiana Jones-styled hero, Eugene Sokolov. Ian won the Clive Cussler Grandmaster Award for Adventure Writers in 2010 for his Sokolov novel The Russian Renaissance--which has become a bestselling action-adventure book series.
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