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ASEAN Indonesia:: Antique Shopping in Jakarta, Expat Paradise in Bali, Metalhead Idols in Bandung
Indonesia's new President Joko Widodo has delivered on his promise to invest more into green tech communities, local infrastructure and entrepreneurial incentives while cutting on gas and oil subsidies. Indonesia is also a very nice, mixed bag of opportunities and challenges for ASEAN investors trying to set up shop locally. Many expats claim that you won't regret betting on Indonesia as a place for finding success and the best extreme metal bands this side of Asia.
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Need Maker Space? Build a Tool Library!
Tool libraries were around since the 1970s : a storage and workshop depot where the best work and repair tools for carpentry and building would be stored by a master craftsman and shared among those in need in the town when repairs were needed. Today, just when the sharing economy is becoming the best and strongest model for self-sufficient communities, Tool Sharing is again becoming a way of life among advocates of community development. DIY and a sharing economy drive people to pool resources than out buy each other and possess everything.
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