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Kelso: The Smartest Fighting Rooster AND the Magic of Crossbreeding
The sure bet. Gameness can sometimes be a crutch if the brave jump into the enemy's blade. Kelso's fight smart by weaving like a boxer and taking to the enemy after dodging death. A Kelso can take his opponent in the air or on the ground. Proof that cross breeding was a daring choice for improving stock in the old days, a time when linebreeding was the norm and any mixed breed was seen as inferior until it won straight contests consistently.
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McRae: Smart Counter Puncher
Like the Lemon, which makes 'abang' before moving in for the kill, the McRae has fight smarts written all over its genes, Good cutters that counter slash when an opponent commits to the attack. They have been bred into the new Vertical Sweater too by the Nesmiths so you know they're top rooster too.
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