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Cebu Sidetrip: Whaleshark Swim Buddies
REACH travel blogger, Stephanie Quesada shows us how a holiday in Cebu is like, off the beaten track. Swimming with them Whaleshark swim brotthers!
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Preserving Your Own Food: Making Fruit Marmalade
If you buy fruits in season and have extra, you can make fruit marmalade so that the abundance won't go to spoil. Also, making fruit jam and fruit marmalade is one of the best ways to keep food available in your larder for off the grid living and extreme situations.
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UK, UK: Thrift Shopping for Brands and Steals
All Girls want the best fashion they can find for cheap. If you can find Adidas, Doc Martens, and authentic leather bomber jackets, or formal corporate wear for cheap in Ukay Ukay and thrift shops everywhere, WHY NOT? Here's a guide by Stephanie Quesada about her UK UK shopping tips...
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Woodcraft Work: The Best Furniture You Can Get
Real woodcraft, custom made furnishings have more value as heirloom investments and make your house feel like a real home. Check out Stephanie's look-see at nice hardwood stuff. She and her life partner are looking for good furnishings for their new home and she shares her insights about getting hardwood custom-built over assembled plyboard.
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