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ASEAN Start-Up Hub: A Culture of Tech Entrepreneurship in Singapore
The ASEAN Integrated Ecosystem offers amazing opportunities everywhere! Hear about tech start-ups turning into overnight millionaires partnering with angel investors? Looking for the chance to make ten-fold returns from a start-up tech project? Singapore has quietly achieved the status as the place to be for cultivating start-ups in the ASEAN integrated ecosystem. While you can farm your project anywhere in ASEAN, Singapore has state sponsorhip for tech start-ups and transparent business laws as well as protection of patent rights. Know more about ASEAN integration!
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A Holiday in Cambodia: A Frontier for Learning, Start-ups, Expat Retirement
Cambodia offers more than just the famed ruins of Angkor Wat. It is one of the fastest developing countries in the ASEAN Integrated community next to Vietnam and offers holiday surprises few may know. As the hottest new business frontier in ASEAN, take a look at the more interesting opportunties in Cambodia for investors, backpakcers, job seekers and expat retirees, or even ASEAN resettlers.
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