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Monsters with Heart: Interview with M.R. Carey
M. R. Carey has a scary, new novel called THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS. He's also Mike Carey, your favorite comic book writer (Neverwhere, LUCIFER, Hellblazer, The UNWRITTEN, X-Men) and author of The Felix Castor noir-horror exorcist books. REACH Unlimited was fortunate to get an awesome interview with one of our favorite British writers. Enjoy!
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Boom in YA Books: Even Grown-Ups Are Reading Books for Kids
Young Adult fiction has been the strongest market for books in the past half-decade or so. YA books have also fueled plenty of media adaptations such as blockbuster movies. Publishers are making money again headlining YA books while writers of all ages are finding gold scribing YA genre books. Any reading that keeps both kids and grown-ups hitting the bookstores is a lifeline for all of us.
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