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The Earth May Have an Old Equator! Sacred Sites Are Aligned There.
Plenty of conjecture about an upcoming planetary poleshift where the earth flips over, or a crustslide where the surface of the earth slides around like the peel of an orange to a new polar and equatorial position has been put forward by various scientific and even pseudo pscientific critics. One observer has pointed to an ancient equator as evidence and incontrovertible proof that something happened eons ago and it may happen again.
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The Lost Continent of Mu: Ancestors of Egypt and Greece?
According to legend, a landmass in the Pacific Ocean was the location for the legendary Kingdom of Mu, a coined name for a pre-Ice Age nation and culture that was forced to evacuate and scatter to the ends of the earth after their land submerged under the sea because of volcanic activity or a geo-pole shift event. We look at what that place might have been like and how Hawaii and the Marianas islands actually form the tip of what is now a submerged land mass.
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