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Creativity Tools: Venzi Soft Journals, Classy Notebooks for Doodling and Illustrations
More good stuff! Notebooks of course. This time Venzi Soft Journals reviewed by Mel Cabral. These are specially made artist's notebooks for National Bookstore. Premium quality notebooks are a special product and collectible item highly prized by smarter individuals who know that if their mobile device gets bricked or lost, they have the most beautiful replacement ready and waiting and it don't cost an arm and a leg.
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Creativity Tools: Moleskine, One Notebook to Rule Them All
All aspiring writers should have ONE. Or ALL of them. As many as one can afford to keep. Moleskine is worth all the fuss, expense and its use by many creative minds for their precious work shows how beloved this incredibly simple yet gorgreous notebook is to notebook lovers everywhere. Read the notebook review by Mel G. Cabral.
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