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Blitz Chess: One of the most Exciting Sanctioned Board Game Sports
Most sports fan think that chess is a boring game becuase it takes hours for competitive sanctioned games to resolve. But a format change similar to volleyball may be the best thing to happen to the sport. What is Blitz Chess and who are the top players in the world? If you have a board already, you just need a clock timer or you can configure your smartphone to have a chess clock timer for easier use.
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Blitz Chess Pinoy Champ: Haridas Pascua
Hail to the Pinoy Blitz Chess wunderkind, Haridas Pascua! In a recent sanctioned torunament, the pretigious Asian Continental, Haridas bested a field of mostly higher-ranked Chess Grand Masters from all over the world and finished 2nd overall in a series of Standard chess matches and Blitz chess matches. Haridas started playing Blitz Chess (10-minutes to win) as a plucky 4-year-old and his dad would bring him to local tournaments to help him get better at the second favorite sport of Pinoys next to basketball. Know more about our Blitz Chess champ and Pinoy International Master, Haridas Pascua.
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Kamagong Arnis Sticks: The Best Weapon for Filipino Martial Arts Training and Survival Gear
Filipino Martial Arts training is renown the world over as one of the best street smart and street lethal self defense systems. If you want to learn arnis or stick fighting, as well as keep yourself protected with a weapon for survival and emergency situations, the best choice isn\'t any bladed weapon nor a gun but a Kamagong Arnis Stick.
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An Inspiration to Dance Exercise: Watch the League of Extraordinary Dancers
It might seem like old news, but once you sit down and watch the League of Extraordianry Dancers, you will want to stretch your limbs and dance just for the heck of aping that incredible move you see. Like kids pretending they\'re like Michael Jordan. And dancing is always good for your body and your health. Get stronger, toned, and fit. Inspire yourself by checking out an old favorite on You Tube. The LXD.
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Trimarans and Catamarans: Why Multihulls Are the Fastest Boats in Sport Sailing
Monohulled sailboats used to race the America's Cup with sneaky tech like winged keels allowing a heavy boat to move forward at good speed even with a weak wind. Today, multihulls are used to race at the America's Cup because they are simply the fastest sailboats around.
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Sports Biometrics Makes Waves in the NBA
The NBA has now adopted Sports Biometrics as part of each team's athletic performance analytics and player injury prevention programs. Sports Biometrics first made its most effective presence in professional football as a way of scientifically keeping players from sports injuries and for improving athletic performance. Will the use of data analytics in sports biometrics improve professional basketball teams for the better? Or is it a future worry for privacy issues and tweaking how players naturally play?
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Staying Fit: How To Get A Dancer's Body?
Amazed at all your favorite KPOP stars looking glorious, lean and curvy? You can look the same way too but you need to work out! College cheerdance competitors also have their exercise regimen to achieve fitness and strength training to perform their acrobatic routines. If you love dance sport and dance as an entertaining and enjoyable health regimen, you plan a workout that is both fun and less of a chore like most aerobic and strength training regimens..
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Yoga and Pilates: Strength Exercises that Don't Require You to Lift Weights
Stretching exercises have a more powerful effect on our body than we think we know. Yoga and Pilates are some of the best at keeping you fit, strong and toned, so you look good and beautiful and you're in top shape than you will ever be from other high impact exercises. Both these exercise regimens also help your flexibility if you are into dancing.
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Pole Dancing: The New Gym and Dance Sudio Sensation
Young women are now dedicating themselves to an exercise regimen to keep their bodies fit and healthy. From yoga, pilates, boxing and now...pole dancing! Dance sport is not only ballroom, cheerdance, or ballet. Pole dancing is now a legit sport as a dance performance and as a fitness regimen.
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Wushu Queen Janice Hung: Muzikademy and the Beautiful Fighting Dance
Janice Hung is an international champion Wushu athlete from the Philippine National Team. She has since moved on from Wushu competitions to put up a foundation for kids, The Janice Hung Arts and Sports Foundation, which trains prospective young atheltes in the competitive performance sport janice Hung also has a unique project that is part of the Foundation: Muzikademy---which trains local musicians and songwriters in honing their craft to become better performers and as well as find the best opportunities in the local and regional music scene.
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Filipino Martial Arts: Knife Fighting for Special Forces of the World
If Kung Fu or WuShu as a martial art has become a popular Olympic sport and entertainment spectacle for Chinese action epics , the Filipino Martial Art of Kali stick and knife fighting has become standard training for the world's Special Forces troops because of its effective and consistent performance in life or death situations. Know why you might need to learn how to defend yourself in off-grid situations with a blade fighting system.
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The A To Z Of Dance: Inspiring Everyone to Stay Fit and Look Good
Diesel's JOGG Jeans has an amazing viral vid on You Tube showing us dance lingo alphabetically, each executed in rhythm to a swinging hip hop grab. Fantastic way of showing off their designer jeans and cut-offs. At the same inspiring people to stay fit, even the heavty dancers in the ad look hot.
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