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Coconut Oil Makes a Comeback: Just the Best for Cooking

July 8, 2014       Health & Healing
Coconut Oil Makes

a Comeback

Seed cooking oils can be unhealthy,

but NOT coconut oil!

Recent studies have cleared up coconut's bad reputation as having supposedly unhealthy, saturated fats. The natural cooking oil is now being called one of the healthiest superfoods you can use.  Used for thousands of years by Pacific Asians and Micronesians, coconut oil has proven powerful medicinal properties and a very pleasant flavor.

Previously criticized by the medical and health care industry cognoscenti as a saturated fat food source that may cause tremendous health problems.  On the contrary recent scientific research has proven that coconut oil is actually the best of the healthy fats you can consume! 

The supposed saturated fats of Coconut oil were found to be medium chain fatty acids and lauric acid, not like seed oils which are long chain fatty acids (LCFA).  People who consume organic raw coconut oil on a daily basis in Asia do not suffer from the same ailments that westerners are prone to such as cancer and heart disease.  Like mother's milk which is also a form of lauric oil, coconut oil processed lauric oil is nature's best healing food too.

Here are some of this natural cooking oil's outstanding benefits to your health:

Aids Digestion

Coconut oil is easily digested and do not strain your digestive system, and when broken down as MCFA's they are immediately converted into energy as opposed to being stored. Your liver isn't overtaxed to produce bile to break down other vegetable oils so you avoid pancreatic cancer.

Most refined and processed seed oils which are LFCA take some time for the body to break down and they put a tremendous strain on the pancreas, liver and digestive system.  Vegetable oils and Canola oils, thought to be healthy, can actually be harmful to your health over the long run if heavily used in cooking. As LCFA, they accumulate as fat deposits and calcify in the arteries in a lipid form such as cholesterol. In comparison, MCFAs are metabolized easily and absorbed through cell membranes for use as energy and as components for cell metabolism.

Kill Bacteria

Oil pulling is an age old method used by monks to have better health and has just recently been made known as an effective way for staying healthy. Coconut oil is used as a mouth wash of sorts, swishing it in your mouth for 2 minutes or so to create an environment lethal to most harmful bacteria as coconut oil is highly alkaline in nature.

Regulate Blood Sugar and Boost Metabolism

Because you get better digestion, using coconut oil, your calories get available as energy for cellular metabolism instead of staying as blood sugar. 

Use coconut oil to replace all of your other kitchen oils – you can fry with it, bake with it and even use it to moisturize your skin and hair. It might cost more, but if you think of it the benefits outweigh everything. You'd rather pay a little extra for good and healthy food than pay a ransom for hospital bills when your body declines from bad diets and overuse of seed oils.  Always purchase organic raw virgin coconut oil – it will have a slightly tropical aroma and will remain solid at room temperature.

Change the cooking oil you use right now to lauric oil derived from coconut oil.  It may cost slightly more but the health benefits over the long term should be worth all the trouble.  Be more wary of medical establishment claims that natural foods are harmful to you when they have been imbibed and consumed by indigenous Asians for centuries with no adverse health effects.


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