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Why Buy an AUV for your Family Business?

February 25, 2016       Muscle Machines
The AUV:  Your Pinoy
Workhorse Vehicle

For small business cargo needs and
for driving the family out to the
beach on weekends--the AUV is
the Pinoy's choice.

Think of the Asian Utility Vehicle (AUV) type as a 4-wheeled Rickshaw with a diesel engine with decent off-road capability.  It doesn't look as sexy as a real off-roader like those big SUVs but an AUV performs its job with no complaints and is relatively easy to maintain.  The Toyota Tamaraw used to be the Pinoy's favorite workhorse small-cargo delivery and passenger vehicle all-in-one.

The Asian Utility Vehicle is like a budget mini-van build specific to the Philippines and South East Asia by Japanese and Korean vehicle manufacturers.  There are even Filipino small vehicle assemblers (Francisco Motors) that have copied the boxy Toyota Tamaraw style and sell their own AUV design on top of some other carriage and engine chassis.  AUVs service the small cargo needs of families running a small or medium enterprise.  An AUV can also run as passenger vehicle for weekend family trips as a minivan/jeepney.

Low Cost Maintenance

Three most visible AUVs out in the market, the Adventure, the Crosswind and the Revo.  All three have relatively simple mechanical diesel engines with no computer brain managing functions, and are easy to maintain by mechanics from your neighborhood 'talyer.'  AUVs are sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear of small cargo delivery operations in an urban setting and good too for long distance delivery trips to nearby rural areas from the metro.  Some users who swear by an AUV can get up to 10  or more years of heavy driving use out of their vehicle when properly maintained.  While higher cost SUVs may only be good for half that range given the same heavy driving use-because of high maintenance costs.

Mitsubishi Adventure          Image Credit:  Mike384 for WikiCommons CC BY-SA 3.0

Lower Fuel Expenses

Designed for urban small cargo utility and passenger ferry, an AUV does not needs a strong engine to haul it through mud bogs and raging rivers.  The engine displacement by a regular Filipino AUV runs from 2.0L to 2.5L and the vehicle curb weight only reaching 1,500- to 1,600-kilos.  You get more economical fuel consumption, compared with a gas-guzzling SUV.  Big SUVs can suck up to P4,000 out of your wallet in fuel expenses each week.  Ouch.  When in an emergency situation, running out of fuel is NOT an option.  An AUV may even run on vegetable diesel oil if configured properly.

2002 Toyota Revo:        Image Credit :  Mike384  for WikiCommons CC BY-SA 3.0

AUVs can also be used for car-pooling and dedicated passenger ferry services for businesses wanting a vehicle to bring their employees to work or to places where they need to work.  Luxury taxes have been imposed on full-size and premium SUVs because these consume a lot of fuel.  So if you are considering a small cargo vehicle that doubles as an emergency bug-out van, an AUV might be the best base vehicle for your budget.  You may even rig it with helpful extras to improve performance, enhance cargo capacity as well as driver and passenger protection.

Check out the auto reviews online for the best deal on your choice of AUV before you purchase your vehicle.


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