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AudioBooks! Store a Storyteller Library in Your Mobile Device

March 10, 2015 | By: AudioBooks! Store a Storyteller Library in Your Mobile Device       Tech Buzz
Storytelling for all Ages: 
The Power of Audiobooks and Podcasts for
Getting Kids to Enjoy Reading.

Some of China Mieville's young adult, fan-favorite novels
 are available as audiobooks!

You might remember your dad or mum as a Storyteller, sitting in front of you kids huddled around a campfire or family room, listening to them narrate your favorite haunting fairy tale or bedtime story in character. 

Older folk will remember having popular radio drama programs around, all of them voice-acted by very talented artists who also dubbed for TV and movies. 

During their heyday Filipino radio dramas like Gabi ng Lagim, Gulong ng Palad, Ang mga Mata ni Anghelita, were afternoon prime time hits.  With radio going to corporate schlock these days, all of us who enjoy having a story told to us can still all get our fix of voice acted narration of the best stories and novels from digital downloads and DVD/CDs, or from analog hardcopy.  Audiobooks!

Several DVD audiobook copies of RA Salvatorre's fan favorite novels.

You can even get audiobooks for FREE too for most public domain stories.  

Google for the best place to download free AUDIOBOOKS.  Then look for the best PODCAST programs avaialble for the kind of topics you love.


Audiobooks are another way to experience books, when there is less time for you to sit down in some private space and read text.  For creative inspiration, listening to either a recorded podcast or an audio book on the way to work or to school primes you up for the day ahead--way better than too much coffee.  If you have poor eyesight, you can enjoy books via audiobooks and media shows via podcasts--No need to worry about keeping the light on late at night too.  Listening to audiobooks makes you a better listener, and you get to read MORE books by just listening.  In pre-schools and other learning institutions worth their salt, audiobooks are one of the most effective mediums for getting young people to enjoy reading and learn language and writing better.

Before MP3s became viable as downloadable content, audiobooks
came in CD and DVD format hardcopy, some with DRM protection. 
This Hobbit CD audiobook was a collector's item in its time
when audiobooks were an aftermarket product.

The original audiobook format was the cassette tape.  Because one tape
could only hold 45 minutes to an hour's worth of narration, audiobooks
came as several 'cassette chapters' of an entire novel.

You CAN listen to your favorite books ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE on any media player:  Car CD player, smartphone, tablet, laptop, portable MP3 player and even on your desktop PC.  You pace how you listen to the audiobook:  You can stop listening when you need to do something else and you can pick up from where you left off. 

You can keep the biggest library of audiobooks in your tiny MP3-media player or mobile device instead of carrying a ton of books.  For young kids especially, listening to audio books helps increase  the words they learn while listening to them used in context, so understanding language is clearer and more precise!   Sites like School Library Journal even recommend good picks for kids.

If you mislike the downtime spent commuting to work or doing chores like laundry: having an audiobook or podcast playing will help you get through the task with something more that just finishing mindless chores or errands--you learn something new (for audiobooks about craft or skill learning) or finish a story. 

Horror themed audiobooks make for some of the best narrated
stories to enjoy!

You can listen while you’re cleaning the house, folding clothes, bathing your dog, or anything else that doesn’t require much focus.  


Fan-sites and experts that are on podcast programs offer more precise information AND insight on almost any topic on the planet, from Comic Books, to Content Marketing, to Creative Writing and Prepping than TV shows that can only gloss over any topic in a 5-minute video soundbite to make the show fit into its timeslot and be more comprehensible to a G-rate audience.  If you are some kind of expert in any field, like say Broodfowl Raising, you can even make money off your own PODCASTS as your 'content marketing strategy' to sell your services, products or just share your knowledge or field of expertise with other people looking for good references for learning.   Websites like offer a wide range of free podcasts.

Where Do I Get Free Stories?

You can find public domain audiobooks for free, recorded by good citizens who donate their time. Generally these recordings are not as appealing as the commercial ones. Most of the readers aren’t professional and I find it makes a difference. may be the best site for both free and purchased books!  Audible is's portal for accessing its deep audiobook library.  Many titles are available for free if you avail of the trial membership for a nominal subscription charge.  You still get a chance to buy your favorite audiobooks at a very low price given that Amazon is always giving good deals for buying more audiobooks. is the place for public domain books recorded by volunteers. These are free to download. (palagay ng icon ng website brand)

For free podcasts ranging from a wide range of topics, themes, and hobbies: is where most trending music and audio is uploaded for free consumption. 

If listening to your favorite songs uplifts your spirits, audiobooks and hobby podcasts can give you the same good vibe. Audio books and podcasts can be comfort reads and listening favorites that you playback over and over and over again. If you lose wifi, having some downloaded audiobooks or podcasts can tide you through any off-the-grid situation.


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