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What Is Creative Writing?
Wattpad is changing social media content. People, especially kids, are sharing stories instead of selfies and gossip. Now on forums on Facebook, kids want to know....How do we write good stories?
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AudioBooks! Store a Storyteller Library in Your Mobile Device
Audiobooks used to be clunky as cassette tape format or CD format, character actor narrated versions of books and novels. Now as digital MP3 files, you can zone out to your favorite book while doing odd chores from laundry to taking your morning walk and exercise. Even kids get to learn reading and language better if they are weaned on audiobooks!
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Interview with Jane Yolen: On Prose Stylists, Myth Writing, and Children's Illustrated Books
REACH was blessed enough to interview Jane Yolen about the resurgence of prose stylist writing, myth writing and how to get into children's illustrated books and make good. Filipino fans might remember her as one of the introduction writers for the first chapter collection of The Books of Magic by Neil Gaiman, and as a fairy tale writer who scribes her own anthologies of magic retellings. Some of her award winning work include Dragonfield and Other Stories--a fairy tale collection, and Briar Rose--a retelling of the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale set in Nazi Germany.
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