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Best Way to Avoid Stress: READ!

May 28, 2015       On Higher Ground
Take Time Out to READ a Book.

Reading Can Alleviate Stress According
to Psychology Research.

Reading can alleviate stress and worries.
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In a harried huff?  Or down in a funk?  Everything going awry and the world bearing down on your soul, mind and body? 

Stress kills. 

But we got a simple way of losing those distractions and getting your wits back.  Save yourself a trip to the doctor by getting more books and taking time out to read for at least an hour every day.  This is something reading aficionados already know and a phenomenon which modern psychology research has just confirmed. 

Getting engrossed in a story, while reading a print book helps you avoid distractions AND is not just some guilty pleasure. 

Reading as an activity is healthy for your psyche and keeps your brain sharp. Research has confirmed that with only six minutes of reading, stress can be reduced by up to 68 per cent.  Beats an aspirin or lithium or an expensive shrink.

Even teens can get over stressful moments by taking time to read.

A reading habit keeps your brain functioning effectively even as you age.  Elderly individuals who read regularly are 2.5 times less likely to develop Alzheimer's than their peers.  Those who recommend slow-reading as the best of reading methods advise readers to spend up to 30 to 45 minutes a day to let their mind focus, concentrate and detach itself from stress. 

Of course read something you like, be it a Filipino pulp horror story, a Wattpad romance novella, or that new Czech science fiction adventure translated into English.  Or go dope and read China Mieville and Michael Cisco.

While the brain engages with linear reading the mind is actively imaging the linear story and experiencing a more enjoyable time out.  You lose awareness of anything bothering you, even environmental stress factors like a noisy place or a hot day.

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time to read and relax.

Slow-reading advocates recommend at least  of daily reading away from the distractions of modern technology. By doing so, the brain can reengage with linear reading. The benefits of making slow reading a regular habit are numerous, reducing stress and improving your ability to concentrate. Reading an old-fashioned book stories or novels has also been revealed by health studies to improve sleep.

Good Stuff You Get Off a Regular Reading Habit: 

Connecting with the soul is one benefit you imbibe better with reading books than reading a similar story on an electronic device.  Researchers call it gleaning empathy.  You become more sensitive to people's emotions and situations when you read often.

Reading immerses the reader in a setting and transports him to that fictional place compared with skimming the same story on an electronic device because the controls of the electronic device and the device itself break your immersion process unlike a print book, which becomes almost invisible to you with exception of the story you read until you turn the last page.

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avoid the drudgery of a long trip to work.

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Reading in print helps with comprehension.  A 2014 study from Norway revealed an interesting facet about reading on electronic devices:  Stories read on mobile devices were more difficult to keep track of than the same story read on paperback. 

The physical nature of following each word in linear reading fashion and turning each page allows the print book reader to map the story better, unlike the electronic device reader who skims down one fixed screen to absorb their story.  You can't flip back to pages like a print book or make notes on the page which extends a book reader's memory of the story if you read from a mobile electronic device. 

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one does not need to fret over losing time on the commute to work when
one can steal time to put in some good reading.

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Plenty of reading advocates now preach 'slow reading' as a better way of enjoying and benefiting from one of the greatest simple pleasures we often take for granted.  Now we know reading gets rid of minor panic attacks, day-to-day worries, and any other stressful situation, and we still get to enjoy a good story or learn something new.


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