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Gadget Lifestyle: Get Yourself an eBook Reader

January 10, 2015 | By: Blessing       Cutting Edge
The eBook Reader
Comes into its Own!

People Love Their eBooks AND
Are Enjoying Audiobooks Too.

Not so long ago, pundits thumbed their nose at the Nook and the Kindle, dooming them to the oblivion of the Betamax and VHS just because they had limited functionality as dedicated eBook (PDF format media) readers.  Now, having an eBook reader seems like a preferred lifestyle gadget than a fully functional tablet.  eBook sales are also on the rise, despite purists claiming these will never replace a real book in your hands.

Even sales of dirty eBooks or adult reading are on the rise because eBooks afford fans the privacy of an anonymous reading device unlike people carrying a trashy novel hardcopy and getting odd looks from any passerby catching a glance at the steamy artwork on the book cover.  Sales of eBooks also extend the business side of some popular books, so fans can bring their favorite copy along anywhere without ruining their paperback copy.

People are getting comfortable with reading entire books on a scrolling app or page turning app using their lifestyle gadgets, and they enjoy their mobile device as an amazing, portable reading library.  Hauling 2 or 3 books with you on the go is one preference of hardcore papaerback readers who want the tactile feel of reading a paper book and turning the pages.  The crazy and awesome thing about having an eBook reader with you, whether it be an eBook device or a smart phone with an enabled app, is having an entire library of your favorite digital reading in your pocket, as well as the intense pleasure of zoning out on an audiobook experience, if your dedicated eBook reader can play back mp3 media files.  Whether you get a children's story narrated to you or a more difficult book narrated by a seasoned voice actor, audiobooks are a totally underrated experience for book aficionados.

Tablets and mobile phones with large memories can store more than 100 eBooks. Your audiobooks can fit into at least 10 GB to 30 GB or more of solid state memory storage, and a pair of good earphones or portable speaker promise you great storytelling hammock time...lie in the sound. 

You can't even haul 6 or more heavy books in your backpack anywhere without getting an injury, but some good folk do and there is nothing absurd about bringing any amount of books with you anywhere, if you love to read.  But having eBook readers, increase this book enjoyment experience by allowing you to carry an equally huge audiobook library without having to bring a dozen or so cassette tapes or CDs.  When your eyes get tired from reading, you can switch over to another format and just listen to an audiobook.

eReaders as Lifestyle Gadgets!

Kobo Touch:
A slim, lightweight e-reader that fits into your pocket even, and has a responsive touchscreen, there are basic eReader models and higher-end models too The Kobo is exclusively distributed locally by National Bookstore.

Kobo Touch  by Honza Chodec          Creative Commons  CC BY-SA 3.0

Kindle:  This is Amazon's exclusive mobile device for viewing media, from Amazon downloaded eBooks to movies to audiobooks.  The Kindle may be the preferred device over a full function tablet computer if you are just using a mobile device for viewing media files and not much else.

Kindle Touch       Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0

iPad:  The iPad is the progenitor of the entire mobile device revolution from tablets to the transition of mobile phones into smart phones with tablet computer functionality and screen resolution.  The current iPad is virutally a very powerful portable computer AND communication device and part of what is now coined:  The Internet of Things, what every gadget is called if it can access the web.  Apple has a proprietary media player and a proprietary store for getting media files, including eBooks and audiobooks, although you can store standard mp3 media file types and PDF ebook formats and the iPad can read both of these media files with no trouble.  This is also the most expensive among the available tablet computers and also the one with the most rabid fan base for lifestyle gadgets.

iPad  with       Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0

If you do get yourself a dedicated eBook Reading Device, you might want to invest in a portable recharging brick, the types used for smartphones and tablets.  You need more power to listen to audiobooks, and read text only ebooks over the course of several hours.

For smart phones with media reader apps and portable audio-media players, these are cheaper and accessible by almost everyone.  Both a corporate banker and a jobless dude take pride in possessing at least one or two smartphones nowadays, no matter how brand cachet one is or how cheap ass the other may be, as long as both types can basically perform the same functions with varying degrees of high end. (The last thing the jobless dude will pawn for food on the table is his precious smartphone which shows how fairly affordable, powerful gadgets are nowadays, and how snooty some people will be for their only piece of the Internet of all Things). 


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