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The Wisdom of BARTER: A Stash of Goods that Works like MONEY when the SHTF
Disasters have struck mankind during the last century or so and we still keep forgetting that being prepared is better than holding on to nothing. Keeping a stash will always be the smarter thing to do. Like money in the bank.
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Wattpad Is Changing The Way We Get Books.
There used to be an Ivory Tower of a sort where editors from lofty publishing houses picked books WORTHY of reading. Now WATTPAD has shown that EVERYONE Can Be Published in the crazy way nobody expected. By the writer-fan community.
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Open Source Ecology: Build Your Life, Build Civilization
Need an oven for your bakery? A tractor for your farm? Plans for a low cost dwelling? Factory equipment for your prodcution line? Do not worry about expensive brand name products anymore, a new Open Source engineering group has set up a website where all blueprints for your equipment needs are readily available for download so that YOU can build what YOU NEED, more affordably. And their equipment designs are already built and tested as durable and effective for their intended purpose.
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We Thinking
Are thoughts unique to all living things or is it exclusive to humans? Is this a soulbonded identity, neuro-chemical impulses, or visions and imprints of langauge in our mind?
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Making Product Models by Hand in the Age of 3D Printing
3D Printers and easy-to-use CAD applications enable designers to create a product mold in less than a day. But smarter design tells us that making models by hand is still the better design process over digital any time of day.
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Gadget Lifestyle: Get Yourself an eBook Reader
The best thing about eBook readers for all of us is that we can bring an entire library with us wherever we may go. You can even load media like audiobooks on an eBook reader and get that sensual storytelling experience that no other format for book media can deliver. It really is not a choice between having eBooks or hardcopy tomes for reading, but how to have both of everything because you can never have enough books.
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In Defense of the Hoard: Why You Can Never Own Just 100 Things...Preppers Never Do
Prepping is a lifestyle that gets you storing stuff for emergencies. Keeping stuff to stay alive is also taught in Scripture as Joseph admnished his brothers to put away corn during good harvest seasons. When some life coach or silly priest tells you: "Money can't buy Happiness!" Run away from that lying thief like your life was on the line.
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DIY Faraday Shield: Protection from Stalkers Using Mil Spec FLIR Cameras and from EMP Storms
A solar coronal mass ejection or EMP burst can flat out destroy all unshielded electronics by shorting them out with excess radiation. More dangerous is CRIMINALS using military spec FLIR cameras to illegally surveil you and steal private information. Today's FLIR cameras have a range of up to 150 to 200 meters away. A Faraday shield is one measure against this kind of illegal modus. Military spec FLIR cameras can reveal tongue movements and record self musings and conversations surreptitiously and explicitly..
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Do You Really NEED an MFA in Creative Wrtiting?
Writing today is a better career path than ever. Getting a novel or anthology published is a big dream for every fiction writer who scrapes by with a day job writing for content farms or copywriting or as a journalist. A Masters in Creative Writing is one learning investment that many writers consider to better their work opportunities--to include teaching, or for some, to get time out to actually write and get better at craft. Here's a look at what an MFA offers you if you write fiction.
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Floating Schools: In Bangladesh, Floods Don't Stop Learning and Living Anymore
The yearly flooding in Bangladesh has caused people to lose farms, shelter, time and lives. A non-profit, survivalist group has created simple yet extremely effective solutions for adapting local communities to the climate change disaster by building floating schools and libraries. Many international organizations have awarded shidhulai swanirvar sangstha for their floating school project.
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Radishes: Unsung Antioxidant Veggie
The radish is a staple of sinigang meat dishes among Pinoys, an ingredient of the Japanese wasabi spicy dip and of Korean Kimchi too.. But this vegetable staple of soups, salads and dips is unsung for its powerful antioxidant properties and healthy benefits to the body--from alakaline fixing, to cancer prevention and providing fiber to clean up your digestive tract. Eat more radish and regain your health.
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Is Storytelling the Most Useful Teaching Tool or a Trap?
The process of Storytelling is today's hottest teaching and design tool. Is it also a dangerous method for sneaking through message agendas by taking advantage of emotions?
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Healing Harmonics: The 528hz Frequency Can Induce Well-being, White Noise As Healing.
You've read about the Japanese experiments with sound and messages and water. Now a sonic frequency that can treat and repair cellular damage has been studied and its reults are more promising than can be imagined.
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Print Your Own Money: Making Soap for Barter
Having Soap for Barter is like printing your own money. Like growing your own food, making soap in volume to stock as barter stock is one smart business opportunity. Specialty herbal beauty soaps or cheap yet green (environmentally safe) detergent alternatives are almost as good as money when used as barter stock or sold for cheap as a source of income. Going into the lunar new year, it will be good to try making your own soap as a business enteprise and as a personal brand craft project. You've seen Pinoy millionaires being made making beauty soap by the dozens. It's a very worthy project.
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