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Tor Browser: For Secure Privacy Surfing the Web

September 6, 2014       Tech Buzz

Safe and secure internet browsing

Do you want to have safe and secure browsing online and not have any criminal nor marketing snoop take note of your online surfing habits?  Even say Google?  Which logs all of your surfing history and sells the data to online marketing or to Big Brother...

TOR BROWSER BUNDLE is an excellent choice for completely anonymous online surfing.  The app is a version of Firefox rigged to route your data through so many layers and random endpoints.  Surfing on TOR might not be as lightning speed as other browsers which connect directly to another website.  TOR routes your search attempts through other networks before going to your choice so that no one can trace your search back to you. 

For occasional use, it's the best solution that reduces a complex security system down to a double-click.  If you work for an online or with sensitive data online, and want your data to be secure, as you work with content, TOR BROWSER BUNDLE is the best for your internet surfing needs.

Connecting to Tor, all of your Internet traffic is encrypted and routed through a complex network of anonymous nodes until it reaches what page you want to check out.  It's not 100% secure, but then again, no security solution is.  Tor has been around since 2002, and field-tested in censor heavy environments like countries that opt to suppress online access for political thuggery and oppression.  If you value your privacy and want your work or personal data to keep safe, use Tor as your web browser and avoid any skullduggery or hacks bent on stealing your data.


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