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Keeping Safe: CyberCafes, ATM Kiosks, Illegal Surveillance
The 6:30PM News shows horror stories every week of people losing belongings, ATM-tampering criminals getting caught, and all sorts of modus operandi by criminal elements. Protect yourself, and keep safe by knowing how to use Wi-Fi, CyberCafe computers and sense when someone is checking you out from afar.
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Tor Browser: For Secure Privacy Surfing the Web
Worried about your privacy getting invaded by everything from Big Brother, to identity thieves, to busybodies using infrared to monitor your activities from next door? Surf securely with the Tor Browser.
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TAILS: Your Portable Linux OS for Privacy Online
We often take for granted that surfing online at internet cafes can cause irreparable harm if we are not aware of privacy safety and anonymous surfing. When we are mobile and need to use another computer we can install TAILS on a USB thumb drive and use that as our OS when booting up ANY pubicly accessed computer to keep safe when surfing online. We can request for this option and if we are denied, it is better to be safe than sorry and find another PC to access that allows you to boot with TAILS. Know more about TAILS and online privacy and security.
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