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Fertile River Systems Changed into Deserts: Crust Slide Geological Cataclysm

February 7, 2014 | By: Dangardt Ace       Unravelling Mysteries

The Sahara Was

Not A Desert

Possibly an ancient massive river system

changed by a real poleshift event

Todays’ unforgiving deserts may have once been strewn with river systems that might well have led humanity's ancestors to the Mediterranean. The Sahara desert may have even a lush and fertile sprawl –real living rivers flowing through the Sahara outside of the Nile.

Imagine a river system where the Sahara Desert is now

New findings from an international team of researchers show the presence of massive river systems in the Sahara between 130,000 and 100,000 years ago. These living waters would create stretches of nutrient-rich soil, producing "green corridors" that could allow animals and plants to prosper in the now otherwise inhospitable desert. Computer simulations have shown the likely presence of "massive lagoons and wetlands" in what is now northeastern Libya, covering an estimated 27,000 square miles.

If the north pole was a different geographic location an eon ago, and a shift in the crust changed everything, researchers have been able to compare and match the simulation's predictions of more recent times with actual historical data, suggesting that the model does have predictive value going further back. The river beds should still be somewhere in the desert, but they are now buried under the Sahara's massive sand dunes. the presence of these ancient rivers is well-supported by the reality of ancient human migration out of Africa, which would have required our forebears to cross the treacherous Sahara.

Maybe 100,000 years ago this was how it was.  And these rivers would have provided a lifeline that would have allowed humans to make the journey to other parts of the world like the Mediterranean. Which could have flowed south to north from the monsoon-washed mountainous regions to the more temperate north African coast.


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