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Pole Dancing: The New Gym and Dance Sudio Sensation

April 29, 2014       Within Reach
Pole Dancing
The Latest Gym and Dance Studio Sensation

The striptease is an art form in itself, but only for those kind of performers at men's clubs, very exotic during the heyday of strip clubs in the 80s or so.  The dancer would 'work' her routine around a pole, dancing with sensual movements in time to some hair metal ballad or rock anthem and literally wrapping herself around the pole in acrobatic swings and twirls.

As always, by the late 90s gym enthusiasts took this dance routine and turned it into one of the most popular, alternative gym and dance routines available for fitness buffs as well as the performance art that it has always been.

What may possibly be the most controversial fitness trend, ( what would mom say if she caught you at the gym doing those gyrations along with the acrobatics? ), celebrity and movie performances of the art have made the pole dancing as hip as dance boxing and all those aerobic trends of yore. 

Anastasia Sokolova, a buff and pixie pretty, pole dance performer, won an Ukranian Celebrity Talent Search Contest (Ukraine's Got Talent) with several heart-stopping pole dancing performances.   Making pole dance performances from here on in, everyone's guilty pleasure to watch and to indulge in, as sport.

In Manila there is are several professional dance clubs dedicated to pole dancing classes as a fitness regimen AND as theater or performance art.  PoleCats Manila is one of these groups that holds regular culmination performances for both regular members and students of pole dancing.  PoleCats Manila is based in Ortigas.  Pole Dancing as gymnastics and striptease, ain't that something to live for?

Usually the classes are for women only.  Routines start with basic swings and twirls around the pole, mixed up with climbing up the pole and sliding down, as well as erotic dancing, and making come hither faces at the audience in true form to the old ways; the entire performance requires a lot of strength, endurance, flexibility and grace as well as awareness of safety.

The gym / dance classes are intended to train you to get fit, increase flexibility, improve posture, tone up, burn calories and improve confidence.  Some classes go the extra mile and offer special lessons on the art of striptease and table and lap dancing.  Female friends usually get together for girl's night out parties centered on lessons in pole-dancing maybe with some lucky bloke along to cheer them on.

Fitness Buff, Anasatasia Sokolova wins a Celebrity Talent Search Contest
with a Pole Dance Performance

Pole Dancing as Exercise does Wonders

  1. Burning Calories - Lose up to 250 calories every workout!  Way more fun than lifting weights and aerobics.
  2. Tone your Body and Sculpt Muscles - supporting your entire weight with one arm can be challenging and will build your upper body. It also helps strengthen your stomach muscles Regular sessions develop muscle definition in your bum, arms and thighs. 
  3. Sexier than Runner's High – the physical exertion makes your body release the happy hormones – endorphins making you feel better and more energetic

Is It the Best Thing Ever to Happen as Exercise Regimens Go?

While there are graceful, body toning exercises that are less aggressive, like yoga and pilates, there is something about pole dancing that attracts both young and mature women not only because of the novelty or the rockstar celebrity affiliations associated with the art

Especially since performances are geared to look like rock music videos.  As a gym regimen, the exercise provides all the health benefits of either Yoga and Pilates, and as dance, like all dances for women...who wouldn't want to learn the dance of the seven veils as a show of love for their beau?  Not everybody has a girlfriend or lover who can pole dance like Anastasia Sokolova.


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