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Russian Start-Up's Microgel Technology Purifies Industrial Waste Water

October 4, 2016       Green-Minded
Russian Start-Up
New Tech Cleans Up
Industrial Waste Water

BMG IntepCo's microGel technology
has reached the finals of the Mass
Challenge UK 2016
for funding new clean tech start-ups.

Russian start-up, BMG IntepCo is a clean tech company based in Britain that has a winning green tech innovation for cleaning up water pollution. 

It has been named as one of the top 4 start-up companies with very promising tech in the Clean Tech category of the MassChallenge UK 2016 competition.  Using natural microgels
varying from 50 to 1,000 nanometers in size which bind with oil and other pollutant effluents, these gels then settle down at the bottom to leave purified and clean water.

The microgel technology is a benign chemical process that has very minimal impact to the environment and allows industrial engineers to separate and filter most of the most polluting effluents in waste water into easy to remove gel granules.  If BMG IntepCo's Energy Clean Tech product can be commercialized, the technology can be used to clean up soil and water pollution.

Press Photo of natural microgel in action capturing pollutant
into sediment granules

It looks very profitable for regional economic blocs like the ASEAN and the Pacific Regional Trade Bloc to go avail themselves of this technology and invest heavily in making it available in their region so that any resources put into regional industrialization can be tempered by the pollution control effectiveness of the Russian microgel product.

On their Kickstarter, they have this Elevator pitch:

BMG Intepco has developed an innovative versatile solution (1) for the removal of oil, oil products, lubes and greases as well as metal ions from domestic and industrial waste water, and (2) for the clean-up of oil spills in water; (3) produce milder but just as effective cleaning products. The solution's advantages are improved efficiency, lower cost, enhanced sustainability profile and resource efficiency.

Image Credit:  BMG Intepco Press Photo
BMG Intepco  Microgel absorber tech cleans up water of oil pollution,
metal ion particulates and can also be used to make detergents
and cleaning products  that are mild but as effective.


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