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Heavy Water (Deuterium) Is an Untapped Energy Mine for FIlipinos
The Philippines can be a First World country, by tapping its vast, naturally replenished deuterium deposits lying just off our coastlines. Many countries are eyeing the heavy hydrogen deposits as a possible alternate energy goldmine in the near future and once technology for hydrogen power takes off, the Philippines will be as blessed as any oil exporting country in the world today with a green energy footprint and green energy export industry.
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Quantum Biology: Photosynthesis Research Slowly Unlocks New Insights On Solar Bio-energy
Plant systems like biology have been discovered to function according to quantum mechanics, Will this help us improve solar power efficiency if we understand the secrets of quantum photosynthesis? Bio-physics researchers are trying to make heads or tails of photosynthesis as a highly evolved sustainable quantum energy generation system with huge potential for future commercial applications.
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The James Webb Space Telescope: Finding the Secrets of the Universe Soon
NASA's newest space telescope will be in orbit by the year 2016. It is designed to unravel energy signatures unseen by current space telescope technology and find more secrets lying hidden in the vastness of space. Here's a look at what the new space telescope can do.
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The Kepler Spacecraft: NASA's Amazing Planet Hunting Space Telescope
Kepler Spacecraft, that Space Telescope designed to specifically searh deep space for planetary systems and detect planets that can possibly harbor life was aproject of dedication and perseverance knowing that when they found what they where looking for, all things would come together for the good of space research and possible space exploration in the future. Kepler might even find that elusive Goldilocks planet that ALREADY harbors life and advanced civilization.
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The Oort Cloud: Is it for Real?
Dutch astronomer, Jan Oort proposed the existence of such a cloud of Comest lying out there beyond our solar system as the last things trapped iby the influence of the sun's gravity well. Is the Oort cloud for real?
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Wireless Electricity? The Dream of Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla, the true father of modern electricity becuase of research on AC delivery grid systems had an even more ambitious dream that could have used an idealized Tesla coil for wireless electriccity. Can this still work?
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Mecha: Making Things Work Smarter and Better with Robots
After creating and refining production mecha to make manufacturing processes smarter, tech developers are making robots better at doing almost any task, from cleaning rooms, to becoing medical assistants, to flying military drones and keeping pilots away from harm, to exploring the deepest seas where humans cannot venture. Mecha are soon going to become our companions, pets and more!
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Timeless Chinese Inventions
Chinese inventions have predated many of the same devices in the western world. From ceramics to clocks to gunpowder, our life is vastly improved by these seemingly mundane inventions and we take a look at how good they have developed from ancient times until today.
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Supermaterials: A Future of Cool Stuff
In the past, materials such as Plastics, Kevlar and Carbon Composites and Superconductors have revolutionized the kind of products we can use to make our lives better. Now, materials scientists are breaking ground in making great new stuff called supermaterials: graphene, aerogels, metamaterials that can cloak light and more!
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DNA as Biomolecular Data Storage Medium
Bio research has confirmed DNA as a robust archival data storage system. To retrieve the data, all scientists do is place the DNA in a solution to 'read' or decode the binary sequencing like a Turing decoding machine. In the future, humans AND any living thing can be used to carry data, and it will be kept intact for millenia. Bio-computing might seem like a legit and alternative method for data keeping in the near future..
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DIY BioDiesel: Off-Grid Solutions for Vehicle Fuel
Biodiesel has become more than just some science fair project and alternative fuel option. For off-grid situations, biodiesel actually works AND you can formulate batches of it from vegetable oil and other readily available stuff. No worries of a fuel shortage no more during extreme situations! The stuff runs on specific older diesel engine types and is your lifesaver when the SHTF.
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Computers Going Quantum: NASA Runs First Quantum Supercomputer
NASA is now running the world's first quantum computer which could possibly change the way our tech works. The space agency will first develop computing protocols that will establish the technology as an accurate, extremely eficient way of using electonic computing power before commercial applications are spinned off. 5 years from now, expect the windfall to be amazing.
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Learn the Abacus Yesterday
One of the most useful tools for learning, work, and business transactions is the ABACUS. In the age of poratble calculators and mobile devices, it is still the most accurate counting machine that never quits, and will come handy in any off-grid situation.
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3 Versions of Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics is simply a group of theories that offer math models explaining how physical phenomena works at microscopic size or atomic and subatomic levels. There are many theories that explain how the universe exists via quantum mechanics, from the original cloud atoms to the alternate realities existing all at the same time proposition. And there are math models that define all of these theories too. From 30 years ago, atoms no longer spin around an orbital. They are a micro cloud of everything and everywhere giving solid and more to our universe.
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Is Luna Really Earth's Twin Planet?
Our Moon is too big for a Satellite and only because its orbit's barycenter is locked within the surface of the Earth. Also, NASA is planning to send astronauts back onto the moon and even set up a semi-permanent research facility there. Hints of electricity on the moon and a possible thin atmosphere in place to enable static electricity might also be studied once we get people back there.
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Detecting Alien Civilization on other Planets
Over the last 2 decades, with the help of powerful space based telescopes, scientists have identified solar systems, several light years away from earth. The next step is to search among them for intelligent life. The recent Kepler mission is now reaping huge rewards at detecting solar system and actual planets that might be suitable for life. Here is a rundown on what researchers are looking at to discover alien life on the planets they are looking at.
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Space May Be an Entity! Bipolar Gravity is the New Cosmic Model
A proposed new cosmic model may now be studied better by observing the orbit of a small planetoid with a satellite that is 43 times as far away as the Earth is from the Sun and located in the nether void of the Kuiper belt. If the observation laboratory confirm the model, it may change how astrophysicists apply quantum theory to cosmic size entities and not just microscopic ones.
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Finger Counting Systems ARE Better
Remember the nightmare of learning Math by memorizing flash card values? At that time teachers discouraged kids from counting with their fingers as a weaker method of learning how to count. But fast forward to the past decade, learning experts are discovering that finger counting systems that simulate the abacus are actually faster than computing off memorized values. Used by ancient civilization in their own math learning systems across the world, know why finger counting systems ARE better than ever!
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Graphene: Carbon Super Material for Making Great Stuff...By Yesterday
Graphene is now the hottest idea among materials scientists looking to develop as many apps from the amazing carbon compound. Composed of a sheet of mono-carbon atoms, and layered with other 2D superconductors, graphene promises to be an all-around, multi-use solution for electronics screens, vehicle hulls, body armor, bio-engineering, and energy storage applications. In 5 years or so, expect everything in the market to be built with graphene infused materials.
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Einstein's Theory Confirmed: Gravity Can Be Detected As Energy
From observing two black holes combine, a National Science Foundation special observatory system (LIGO) recorded gravity waves emanating from the anomaly. This paves the way for studying graviity as a new branch of astrophysics: as part of space-time fabric in the form of energy that can be observed and measured. It will be interesting to watch what prehistoric and forgotten advanced science can be recovered by developing modern day, gravity astrophysics.
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The Big Bang Never Was
Astrophysicist Saurya Das proposes a whole new perspective about the Big Bang theory that WORKS with Einstein's proven theories, that space is a guantum fluid of gravitons. Which refutes the dark matter proponents in theoretical physics saying Einstein missed out on dark matter. Gravitons if proven will indicate that Space itself is an energy state or quantum fluid and may be proof that the universe has existed forever as it is without a Big Bang singularity as origin. NASA and a consortium are putting up a new satellite designed for measuring more gravity waves.
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Boeing's Reversible Fuel Celll Power Plant: The Future of Microgrid Power
Boeing invented a new reversible fuel cell that generates energy as an engine and recharges itself off its own H20 byproduct. It will be used to power U.S. Navy microgrids and Department of Defense forward bases that need sustainable and redundant power systems in addition to what they have right now. Boeing's reversible fuel cell power plant technology may also have future applications for microgrid power for off-grid communities, disaster zone shelters, far-off research facilities in the Arctic and even in space missions.
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Big Business Runs Linux...instead of MS Windows
The world's top corporations are migrating from paid license software to open source computing: Linux Apps and Ubuntu distros in particular. It might be time for you to get out of the license upgrade trap for branded software with weaker security features. The top business organizations aren't where they are too if their internal operating systems were not managed well by the awesome power of open source computing!
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Planck Satellite Data Confirm: Earth May Be the Center of Universe!
Final reviews of the Planck probe data mapping cosmic background radiation and the SLOAN Digital Earth Telescope Sky Survey in 2005 show that the Earth may actually be the center of the universe. The Copernican model proposes that Earth is just one solar system among a multitude. But thrice in 20 years, space science has measured and mapped CMB data where far-off galazies are actually aligned to the axis and equator of the Eart. The Earth may be really be special and nothing is random about the universe. Schools and astrophysics should be teaching a different sort of astronomy and physics in the future.
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NASA Is Making All Its Research Data Available for FREE on Internet!
Most content on scientific websites can only be accessed by a paywall / subscription service, but NASA, the U.S. Space agency is making ALL of its publicly-funded, research data availble online for FREE. If people like amateur astronomers or kids studying planets want a good look at hard science research, they can now access the NASA archives online for FREE! NASA also has a dedicated webpage for STEM curriculum materials for educators and schools with FREE lesson plans and teaching aids--the NASA Wavelength website.
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Russian Start-Up's Microgel Technology Purifies Industrial Waste Water
Just when you thought oil and toxic metals polluted rivers and waterways were doomed to oblivion, BMG Intepco, a Russian start-up based in England won accolades in the final competition of new technologies offered for purifying industrial waste water using natural microgels that absorb oils and effluent chemicals then force the dirt to settle at the bottom. The process is benign and has very low environmental impact which makes it very attractive as a low cost green clean-up tech. If ASEAN can support teh tech, rivers like Pasig's can be green again.
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Invaluable Indian Inventions
An advanced society even before the Chinese, Indian scientists and mathematicians and their ancient peoples have invented plenty of invaluable ideas and knowledge as well as objects that the world often takes for granted. You might not know that Indians created the ruler or Wootz Steel for Damascus blades? Probably even the world's first space ships in Vimanas. Indians were also the first to establish an exclusive learning community where wisemen taught the young--the first university.
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An Electric Sun and Universe?
Astrophysicists are excitedly testing a new theory that the Sun is actually powered by the external electrical plasma field of space as a capacitor. Space is one gigantic electrical filed of currents and magnetic rivers powering stars all around.. The sun is not a nuclear fusion core that functions according to the Standard model of astrophysicists but an electromagnatic plasma-gas giant. This controversial theory, the Electric Sun, has various New Age adherents even among seasoned scientists.
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Petroleum May NOT Be Biological in Nature
NASA has discovered that atmospheric methane in one of Saturn's moon was produced from a geological source and not a biological source which casts doubt on age old knowledge that crude oil was produced from mulched organics such as forests and biologcal things. There are new theories that abound that the earth naturally recycles excess carbon dioxide and other carbon in its atmosphere by having its oceans soak up the compound and when the carbon mixes with the ocean's hydrogen hydrocarbons are supposedly created--first as heavy hydrogen and even possibly petroleum. If the Earth truly has a geological process for replenishing petroleum oil naturally, how will this knowledge work for or against green design and tech for energy and power generation?
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