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Hollow Earth Theory: Mad Science or a Biblical Secret?

November 28, 2013       Unravelling Mysteries
Hollow Earth Theory
A Mad Idea or a Secret even
the Bible Reveals

At a time when scientists were still trying to understand everything about how the world worked—biology, geology, math, physics, and astronomy among other disciplines; strange and outlandish theories have been suggested, complete with almost fictional descriptions of what might be. 

For the HOLLOW EARTH THEORY, this does not mean that the scientists were mad for suggesting this strange idea. Even geniuses of their time fell victim to completely false and mostly outlandish hypotheses and ideas.

Here are the two prevailing theories:

One idea says that we live on the crust, but another world exists on the inside opposite of where we are rooted and maybe secret realms and civilizations have progressed or regressed down there.

The second theory is that we might actually live on the inside, even though we think we live on the outside crust (on a convex surface instead of a concave one).

One of the first hollow earth theories was proposed in 1692 by the English astronomer Edmund Halley (discoverer of the now-famous comet), who thought the Earth was composed of four spheres, illuminated by a luminous atmosphere and perhaps inhabitable. His ideas were developed while trying to understand the Earth's magnetic field.

In the early 19th century by J Cleves Symmes of Ohio reiterated Halley’s idea and believed that at the north and south poles there each were openings that led deep into the interior of the earth. He attempted to raise funds for an exploration of the polar regions to locate these tunnels.

Modern day satellite technology has disproved the existence of any polar holes. But proponents of the inner earth theory, claim that the center of the planet harbors a central sun that provides light and heat to the world within.

According to historical myths and rumors that have spread like wildfire on the web, the Hollow Earth Theory was even embraced like mad by top-ranking Nazis who believed in the occult sciences; believing they knew something the rest of the world was ignorant about.

The German navy even thought their smarts would make it easier to pinpoint the exact position of British ships because, if infrared rays were used, the curvature of the Earth would not have obscured observation. Hitler allegedly sent an expedition to the Baltic island of Rügen where a Dr Heinz Fischer set up a telescopic camera toward the sky in order to detect the British fleet sailing on the interior of the convex surface of the hollow earth. It is even said that most V1 missiles went astray because their trajectory was calculated on the basis of a hypothetical concave surface instead of a convex one.

Perhaps the most revealing information about life underground comes from the Bible itself…God admonished Christians NOT to make graven images of any being from the world in the heavens, the world on earth and in the world underneath—implying that there might be life existing below the crust that has its own set of rules separate from we who live on the earth itself.


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