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The Blood Moon Prophecy
Since the Death of Christ, there have been 7 blood moon tetrads coinciding with monumental world events, from the discovery of America after the Jews were persecuted by Spain to Israel winning a short war and become a nation in 1967. The last and most perfect Blood Moon Tetrad will end this September 2015. This series of Blood Moon Tetrad coincidences were recently discovered by Pastor Mark Blitz. Know why we should be aware of what is happening in the world now more than ever. It will be something really special if history is an inidcation of how things always turn out after Blood Moon sightings.
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Atlantis In Antarctica?
Lore has it that Atlantis was the fabled continent of advanced ancient civilization which sunk under the seas during a global cataclysm. Now old world maps are revealing where the continent may have been hidng right in front of our eyes, Newly discovered forzen pyramids in Antarctica reveal more mysteies that if unravelled, may answer all of our questions about our planet and our civilization.
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The Mystery of Aliens and UFOs
UFO activity and sightings are more frequent now that we have the technology for capturing events anywhere. Sightings all over the world have been recorded and urban legends and lore of all sorts abound. Who are the aliens we are encountering and are UFOs alien spaceships or angels?
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Giants Walking the Earth? Nephilim and the Anakim...
In the Bible, it is mentioned that giants once walked the earth. Anakim, they were called. Sons of Nephilim or fallen angels who consorted with the daughters of Eve. Goliath of the Philistines was one such giant of renown. Were there others? Were there grapes the size of cantaloupes brought back from the giant vineyard of Jericho before Joshua attacked the city? Were giants the so called Annunaki Serpent Aliens?
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Amazing Parks and Wildlife in QC: The Forest You Were Always Looking For at the Back of the Aparador
Forest parks are always the best places where you can spend some downtime with family, friends or loved ones. We look at the Benigno Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife in Quezon City and rediscover one of the best places everyone knows but keeps secret lest too many people spoil the serenity of this green park. You've never experienced QC as a pasyalan place until you've been to Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife.
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Secret Solar Tech? Ancient Stone Cutting Methods by Incans and Egyptians
In the time of Solomon, a legendary device called the Shamir was used to cut hardboulders of stone into precise shapes for building The Temple of Solomon and other structures in the Golden Age of Israel. The same stone cutting technology is believed to have been used by other ancient civilizations from the Incans to the Egyptians. They used gold dishes to amplify the suns rays to cut stone noislessly and with precise technique.
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Mystery of Mother Shipton's Final Prophecy
Amazing how something as bogus as a scam about the Virgin Mary's apparition in northern Luzon can dupe so many people, when a prophecy by the most unlikely person in earth's history can easily reveal what might happen in our near future. Mother Shipton was a practicing Wiccan, condemened to burn at the stake for her alternative lifestyle, but she left behind a very revealing prophecy about the final fate of mankind. Most of her previous prophecies about historical events to come were proven accurate.
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Australian Aborigines: Dreamtime is Not just a State of Mind
The Dreaming is referred to by the native Aborigines of Australia as a state of existence that is eternal, of the past, present and future all being in one place and time. Know more about the Dreaming as a unique Aboriginal cultural heritage, that provides insights into a different dimension that transcends life, spiritual upliftment, the physical world, and linear time.
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Desktop PCs: Why Keep One in the Age of Mobile
In an age when everyone working has an 'Internet of Things' mobile device, keeping a desktop at home or in the office might seem like a needless redundancy--until you realize that batteries run out and that having a dedicated workstation is still best for most kinds of work. Open source computing has also reduced the cost of keeping a home office equipped with more than one computer because of FREE Ubuntu and Linux professional worktool software for everyone. A desktop computer no longer means multiple software licenses and upgrades if you CHOOSE Open Source computing options.
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The Book of Enoch
Strange to discover that religious leaders censor the teachings of the Lord for their own convenience but in the end, the Word of God comes out to shine light on everything according to the Lord's perfect timing. The Book of Enoch is one such religious text that is noteworthy for all Christians to study and know how awesome the Lord was described by one of His own favorites, Enoch, the father of Noah.
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The Mystery of Dragons in Heaven
Dragons used to be thought of as just mythical monsters, but Scripture seems to reveal more than what we think we know about these majestic beasts., The SERAPHIM may be actually more than just 6-winged angels--6 winged Spirit Dragons or beings of fire--as Hebrew texts identify the most powerful guardians of the Lord's throne.
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The Sacred Cubit: Divine Measurements as Three-Dimensional Math
The Biblical measurement of the cubit has long been thought ot be an archaic system until the pyramids have revealed their true meaning matching Biblical accounts throughout including numbers 144,000 and 666.
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The Lesser Key of Solomon
Solomon is revered as the wisest among the Lord's champions. It was during his reign as Israel's king that the Hebrew nation experienced its golden years. Legend has it that Solomon could converse with plants, animals, summon djinn or demons and even guardian angels. The Lesser Key of Solomon is purported to be the book that the Israelite ruler used to reach the level of mastery over all of creation. Is it really a magical tome for summoning otherwordly beings or is it just a document that lists the mythical and superstitious beliefs of the Hebrews in ancient times?
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Godtype's Bible Code Pattern Research: A Time Map of Man's Existence
There have been many Bible Code theories that supposedly predict events in history but the most interesting at the moment is the Godtype pattern research website showing how Biblical verse can actually be interpreted, from Genesis 6:3 indicating that Time (man's existence) = Energy (the Spirit of the Lord), and more interesting insights like 520 year cycles between the rise of empires in the world. Godtype also collates all accurate research where coincidences in world geo-structures match Biblical texts and more.
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The Music of the Spheres: Your Soul has a Song from the Heavens
Pythagoras first proposed the idea that the heavens move according to a harmony designed by the Divine Creator. Johannes Kepler proved this theory by proposing his 3 Laws of Planetary Motion all of which accurately describe the movement of the heavenly bodies as a musical harmony derived from a geometry of elliptical measurments. Do you know that your soul has a song in it derived from the astrological chart from when you were born?
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The Earth May Have an Old Equator! Sacred Sites Are Aligned There.
Plenty of conjecture about an upcoming planetary poleshift where the earth flips over, or a crustslide where the surface of the earth slides around like the peel of an orange to a new polar and equatorial position has been put forward by various scientific and even pseudo pscientific critics. One observer has pointed to an ancient equator as evidence and incontrovertible proof that something happened eons ago and it may happen again.
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Ancient Piri Reis Map Indicates Pre-Historic Advanced Seafarers
Historians have it that accurate maps were only made in the 18th century when sextants were invented. But scraps of ancient world maps that accurately show the locations of the Americas and Antarctica's coastline way before these land masses were discovered show that an advanced pre-historic sea faring civilization existed up to 4000 years earlier than known.
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The GEOFRONT: Does AGARTHA Exist? Another Hollow Earth Theory.
Jules Verne's science fiction pulp classic, Journey to the Center of fthe Earth may have been inspired by tales of a kingdom hidden in the depths of the earth with its own diffuse sun and unusual flora and fauna. The Hollow Earth theory has always been an interesting mystery, even if Google Maps doesn't show any visible hole in the North Pole showing us how to enter the GeoFront. Is an underground mystical kingdom an absurd relic of the past or is there anythig concrete about an Inner Realm with a kingdom known as Agartha?
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Hollow Earth Theory: Mad Science or a Biblical Secret?
Is the hollow earth theory a mad Idea or a great secret even the Bible reveals? Many new age gurus spout ideas about secret realms hidden inside of the earth. Not hell or Hades, but some sort of enlightened society that also watches over the world.
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Lost Technology: The Damascus Blade Rediscovered
The legendary Damascus Blade was regarded as lost technology until recently. These curved swords, (scimitars) used by the Muslim army occupying Jerusalem in the Dark Ages were greatly feared, yet admired in secret by the Christian Crusaders. Knights paid good money to collect Damascus blades from slain Moors for their own trophies. A team of metallurgy scientists from Stanford claim to have found the secret of how these legendary blades were forged: mainly from using carbon and hammering methods to form a superplastic metal. The rediscovered process promises better toolmaking and composite material manufacture using metals
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Lost Technology: The Flying Carpet May Be FOR REAL!
A museum in Iran has ancient texts that document how the flying carpet was in actual use as recently as the time of the Mongols. The secret to flying carpets may lie in a superconductive clay cooked into the dye of the carpet fabric that allowed it to use the Earth\'s magnetic leylines like an electromagnetic rail. Many historians are downplayingmyths as nothing more than fanciful stories, but as scientific research and archaeology has dug deeper, there is overwhelming evidence that myths are actually historical accounts of what people saw and experienced and are more reliable chronicles than the currently accepted accounts of academic historians.
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The Mystery of the Shemitah: God's Seven Year Cycles
Creation was the Lord's work for 6 days before He rested on the seventh. According to the laws of Moses, the Hebrews were tasked to work the fields for 6 years but leave the seventh as a Sabbath or a rest year, because on the sixth year, the Lord would make harvests good for 3 years. The Hebrews have a 7-year harvest and feast calendar named The Shemitah. Know more about it and what it might mean for the rest of the world.
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Waterways and Static Electricity Megaliths as Ancient Healing Zones
All those monolithic markers near ancient ruins may actually have a purpose other than as astrological calendars or symbols of worhip. Waterways and static electricity may have been used by monolith stone markers to generate healing zones in communities living near bodies of running water or near orgone sites with running water underground too.
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Vimānas Flying Machine: Ancient Civilzations' Open Secret and UFO Mysteries of Today
The Vedic epic poems of India give an account of an ancient war between god-like heroes using advanced flying machines and weapons. The ancient Rama Empire and its conflict with a war-like Atlantis nation for control of the earth resulted in a cataclysm that wiped out both nations. Imagine ancient, powerful, flying machines similar to airplanes and UFOs andl flying cities too! existing at some unknown era 15,000 years ago. The secret of the Vimānas Flying Machines is now a very hot topic among alien conspiracy theorists.
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African Glyph Ruins: Michael Tellinger Proposes Prehistoric Civilization with Advanced Sound Technology
South African Michael Tellinger has a movement called Ubuntu Earth, a return-to-grassroots, anti-capitalist socio-civic political group, that is making people aware of ancient civilization's use of orgone and sound amplifying tech to mine and levitate gold, shape and lift rocks, and even treat ailments of the human body with healing frequencies. Check out the African ruins rediscovered by Michael tellinger dotting the whole southern part of the African continent in a mysterious grid. Are these ruins the relics of a prehistoric advanced race that may have encountered the World Flood as mentioned in the Bible and world cultures?
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Flat Earth Conspiracy! Is it a Hoax or the Real Thing?
Since 2014, a huge fuss about a modern Flat Earth conspiracy has been circulating social media circles with You Tube videos naming several easy tests for showing how the earth is not really a spheroid planet but a flat planar circle bounded by a wall of ice called the Antarctic rim. The revival of the Ptolemic model of the universe had snowballed into a strong worldwide cult following among believers but there are too many historical data and everyday facts that still debunk flat earth as a hidden truth.
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Is 2012 Teleportation Girl Video a Hoax or Evidence of Time-traveling Humans?
Time traveling humans have been a popular conspiracy among UFO believers, but a recent viral video of a girl in a hoodie rescuing a cargo buke rider from sure death in a near-hit collision with a cargo truck has been a cause of controversy up to now. Some have debunked the video as just a viral marketing gimmick. Others say the video may actually be real because there has been up to one other video showing a person with glowing hands disappear into nowhere. Let us take a second look at the teleportation girl video and see for yourself if it looks like a staged event or an actual miracle captured on CCTV.
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Biringan City: The Only Known Supernatural Metropolis in the World is in Samar
Word of mouth has spread far and wide the presence of a supernatural city somewhere in Samar's northern portion, with both fishermen identifying a beautifully lit metropolis on moonless nights, and even 80s satelliter imaging suppoedly showing something bright and shining in the area of Samar where Biringan city is supposedly located. Is there a pocket dimension in northern Samar that used to exist where the fabled supernatural city of Biringan was located not too long ago? Is Biringan city stilll there, in the middle of nowhere, with happy engkantos lurking around in Manila and Cebu inviting hapless folks to come over for a visit?
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The Lost Continent of Mu: Ancestors of Egypt and Greece?
According to legend, a landmass in the Pacific Ocean was the location for the legendary Kingdom of Mu, a coined name for a pre-Ice Age nation and culture that was forced to evacuate and scatter to the ends of the earth after their land submerged under the sea because of volcanic activity or a geo-pole shift event. We look at what that place might have been like and how Hawaii and the Marianas islands actually form the tip of what is now a submerged land mass.
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