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Amazing Cebu: Metro Cebu Festivals and Nightlife

January 9, 2015       Amazing Philippines
Amazing Cebu
Rediscover the Delights of Cebu

Cebu is already wildly popular among tourists for its colorful fiestas and parades, but it is also hihgly touted for a thriving business environment amidst uncertainty in other Asian countries.  A secret holiday hotspot among westerners who know better, because they've seen its pristine white-sand beaches like the unheralded Bantayan Island paradise, Malapascua beach, both of which rival both Boracay and Bohol in quality and even surpassing the overdeveloped yuppie favorite in tranquility and serenity with still unspoiled conditions.

The southern gem of a city, hosts several tourist hotspots which display a long history of cultural events and Filipino heritage.  It is a wonderful destination for those who want a truly Filipino holiday experience enjoyed in a modern setting.  Historical landmarks ithat you MUST visit nclude the Magellan’s Cross, Basilica del Santo Nino, Fort San Pedro, Casa Gorordo and Yap-Sand Diego Ancestral House, Museo Sugbo and Colon Street.

If you love heights, you can visit the Crown Regency Cebu famous for their edge coaster and skywalk, while for the faint at heart, you can always go to Tops to get a great view of the City.

For souvenir hunters, the local supermalls from SM and Ayala Center are accessible and contain many surprising local merchandise that you must get for your pasalubong.  However, a visit to Cebu is not complete without sampling its endless delicacies which include the famous local lechon de leche, fried danggit, dried mango and otap snacking, choice chorizos and the local ngohiong. They also have countless premier restaurants, both high-end and hole-in-the-wall which serve international cuisine as well as local favorites.

Cebu’s many attractions make you come back for more. In fact, a week is not enough to explore everything it has to offer. It is without a doubt, a feast for the senses. Enjoy the famous Cebu sunsets and festivals while having your heart's fill of the local delicacies and house specials.

The Sinulog Festival is always a momentous event year after year, drawing in both local and foreign tourists. Held on the third Sunday of January, to commemorate the feast of their patron, Senor Santo Nino de Cebu and the province’s discovery by Ferdinand Magellan. A parade of costumed dancers in colorful native-themed regalia, wearing exotic masks form the highlight of the local celebration.

Holiday Festivals Worth a Peek

Pintos Festival - Bogo City
Karansa Festival - Danao City
Panagtagbo Festival - Mandaue City
Kabkaban Festival - Carcar City

Cebu’s continuing economic development, has made this southern capital, a melting pot for not just the tourist industry but also for businessmen seeking local opportunities to outsource their company requirements.  Several local and foreign businesses have already set up long term shops and are committed to long term B2B relationships while more continue to show interest in Cebu City as an Asian hub for oppportunities.  Its prime location as a major trading port and its international airport contribute to a most favorable business setting for prospective investors in Asia and from the west.


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