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Amazing PAETE: That Custom Woodcraft Wundertown Hiding in Laguna
PAETE, Laguna offers everything woodcraft, from Poons or relgious iconography for your home altar, to decorative statues and wall mounted tableaus of Filipiniana lore and culture. All these amazing artefacts made by the town's woodcarvers and sculptors. REACH explored the town last summer to see what everybody missed out on. Lots of great opportunities no one else really sees!
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Cebu Sidetrip: Whaleshark Swim Buddies
REACH travel blogger, Stephanie Quesada shows us how a holiday in Cebu is like, off the beaten track. Swimming with them Whaleshark swim brotthers!
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Amazing Chinatown: Lunar New Year Calesa Tour
For every Lunar New Year celebration, Chinatown is the best place to find your fortune, from stir-fry and dimsum specialties to tablea tsokolate, get your good luck charms early, then grab some hopia and tikoy for pasalubong. Food for the soul can be had for a song. And maybe more than a song for a hearty feast. Not just on Ongpin street either. But in places like Benavidez and Escolta. Reach takes a photo op calesa tour of Chinatown.
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Amazing Quiapo: Manila's Neverchanging Everywhere of Everything
Divisoria is the best one-stop shop for bargain shopping in Manila. But what about Quiapo? It is still there of course! The Church with the miraculous Image of the Black Nazarene, The Holy Mosque for the Moslems on the other side. A maze of streets to find everything you need. You won't trade the atmosphere for some sanitized mall, no siree. You'll go back and Quiapo will stay the same. Still amazing.
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Amazing Batanes: The Quiet Holiday Before the Storm
Visiting the Philippines to experience a typhoon? Go to Batanes. Looking for a summer retreat better than a white sand beach? Go to Batanes. Looking for an Off the Grid place in the country to escape the rat race? Go to Batanes. Nothing less than majestic and amazing.
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Koreans Find Paradise South in Las Islas Filipinas
In the 1990s, Koreans started coming over hoping to get low cost education learning English so they could do better business in the world. Now they bring their whole families, leave the kids to grow up learning English from middle school to university, then keep a second home and maybe a Korean grocery shop behind. They visit the beaches and everywhere good and amazing in our country too!
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Amazing Subic and Olongapo: Visit Paradise City!
Subic Bay Freeport is YOUR secret shopping Paradise in the North. Olongapo City is one amazing Philippine mountain community with all of the best opportunities for doing business too. Paradise City is just an hour or so away from Clark Airport in Pampanga! Check it out...
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Darling of the Press: Miss Tourism World Philippines Pre-Pageant
To Promote Travel and Tourism in the country, the Miss Tourism World Philippines is a change maker in the sense that the wiinners get to help their communities with livelihood projects and community projects as part of their lifelong career as Miss Tourism Philippines crown winners. We show some pics from the pre-pageant.
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Amazing Baguio: Panagbenga Flower Festival, Vegetarian Cafe, Artisan Village, Mountain Bike Tour
Visit in February for the gorgeous Panagbenga Flower Festival, dine at the Oh My Gulay vegetarian cafe, visit the Tamaw-an Artist's Village, and kick back for a bike tour. A holiday in Baguio need not be an ordinary R&R shopping trip, you can discover the Summer Capital's more adventurous hotspots either in February or during the offseason!
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Amazing Cebu: Metro Cebu Festivals and Nightlife
If you are visiting the Philippines to enjoy the best of the best among native festivals and costume parades, visit Cebu. The boom in the south has made accomodations, safety and the quality of local entertainment, as well as the colorful and festive parades, one of the most amazing photo ops for your holiday visit.
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Amazing Davao: Eagles that Make You Swoon, Enjoy the City's Best
Davao City is more than just amazing durian and good food! One of the best places to enjoy Philippine wildlife preserves and nature parks as well as visiting the local markets for amazing finds!
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Amazing San Rafael, Bulacan
San Rafael Bulacan is amazing for being that resort town up north just ouside Manila and for the great local culinary experiences you can enjoy as well. Check out our look at amazing San Rafael. One of the summer holiday towns to enjoy your Waterpark holiday!
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Amazing Parks and Wildlife in QC: The Forest You Were Always Looking For at the Back of the Aparador
Forest parks are always the best places where you can spend some downtime with family, friends or loved ones. We look at the Benigno Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife in Quezon City and rediscover one of the best places everyone knows but keeps secret lest too many people spoil the serenity of this green park. You've never experienced QC as a pasyalan place until you've been to Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife.
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Amazing Intramuros: Writer's Retreat in Heritage Manila
Intramuros in Manila may have haunts in plain sight that can double as writer's retreats or hideaways where you get plenty of Me-time to write your short story, start your novel chapters, or just write down some ideas to work on for the future. In downtown Manila, Intramuros has the Manila Cathedral, the yearly Book Stop Project mini-library installation, and Fort Santiago Park's nooks and crannies for sitting down to write. We lchecked out this year's Book Stop installation, took a peek inside the Manila Cathedral, and roamed around Fort Santiago park. r, and some other palces in the old Walled City for humkering down for some write stuff.
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Amazng La Mesa Forest EcoPark: Writer's Retreat in North Quezon City
The La Mesa Forest EcoPark is a gorgeous place in summer and one of most underrated hideaways for spending some downtime to get some writing done. The Ecopark's picnic grove has some of the best nipahut, cottage-style gazebos for family picnics. Stone benches and tables are also available in the Picnic Grove for writing sessions under the tree shade, when the weather permits. Need inspiration to get out of writer's block? Write in a big forest Ecopark north of Quezon City.
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Back to Baguio! Bookhunting Plus Writer's Retreat
REACH returns to Baguio again as a possible Writer's Retreat tambayan or scheduled bakasyon time for young authors and even writers-at-heart bozos. Looking for a getaway where you can just kick back and do nothing but write all day? And find great steals in a thrift bookshop riight in the middle of Baguio, Bookends. We promise that when you vsit Baguio to hoard books or to spend more than a day writing, you'll get to unwind better and get great ideas down while you're at it. Don't forget to bring a big bag to haul your book haul from the City of Pines.
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