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World Pigeon Expo 2016

January 7, 2016       Reach Out
3rd World Pigeon
Expo and Congress

Check the World Pigeon Expo website for more details and a site map of the convention center's booths and supplier kiosks. 

Among the exhibitors in the Pigeon Expo 2016, are NewTree, your one-stop shop for livestock and poultry supplies, renown for their Hi-Flyer and Sky High Feed Mixes [for Breeder and Flyer] used by local champion pigeon racers.  Get your hobby supplies from them at the Expo.  See you there!

[ From the World Pigeon Expo website:]

Friday, 15 January

9:00 am - Opening Ceremonies

11:00 am - Alagang Magaling TV featuring Pigeons and Exotic Pets

Saturday, 16 January

10:00 am - Feature on Fancy Chickens / Malaysian Serama

12:00 pm - Pigeon Talks with the Big 3, Neil Cruz and other experts
Topics include:
• History of pigeon racing
• The Pigeon Industry
• The establishment of the PHA and other clubs
• Challenges in the industry - loft management, common diseases, training and conditioning, other issues

2:00 pm - PIPA Auction of 40 birds from the following breeders
Batenburg - Vd Merwe (Netherlands)
De Vroe - Van Gaver - Vane Putte (Belgium)
Geert Van Rentergem (Belgium)
Geoff Cooper (United Kingdom)
Jelle Jellema (Netherlands)
Mark Gilbert (United Kingdom)
PEC - PIPA Elite Center (Belgium)
Rutz and Sons (Germany)

6:00 pm - Alagang Magaling Kalapatids Grand Eyeball

Sunday, 17 January

10:00am - Reptile Talks

1:00 pm - Fancy Pigeon and Fancy Pigeon Show, Judging & Awards


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