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Pigeon Fancier? Old Frills are the Best! The Flying Dolls of Fancy Pigeons
Like KPOP idols, Satinette Pigeons all look girly and cute, even the males. They might have a hard time feeding their young becuase of short beaks but no other breed of fancy pigeon is as adorable as Old Frills
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World Pigeon Expo 2016
Pigeon fanciers rejoice! Finally, our very own trade expo for hobbyists, racers and pet lovers--Pigeon Expo 2016. Don't forget to bring friends to the World Trade Center this January 15, 16 and 17 to check out all the good stuff: from winning pigeon bloodlines to feeds and maintennance nutrition and pigeon meds. Get your hobby supplies at the Pigeon Expo 2016 for better prices too!
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