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Atlantis In Antarctica?
Lore has it that Atlantis was the fabled continent of advanced ancient civilization which sunk under the seas during a global cataclysm. Now old world maps are revealing where the continent may have been hidng right in front of our eyes, Newly discovered forzen pyramids in Antarctica reveal more mysteies that if unravelled, may answer all of our questions about our planet and our civilization.
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The GEOFRONT: Does AGARTHA Exist? Another Hollow Earth Theory.
Jules Verne's science fiction pulp classic, Journey to the Center of fthe Earth may have been inspired by tales of a kingdom hidden in the depths of the earth with its own diffuse sun and unusual flora and fauna. The Hollow Earth theory has always been an interesting mystery, even if Google Maps doesn't show any visible hole in the North Pole showing us how to enter the GeoFront. Is an underground mystical kingdom an absurd relic of the past or is there anythig concrete about an Inner Realm with a kingdom known as Agartha?
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Vimānas Flying Machine: Ancient Civilzations' Open Secret and UFO Mysteries of Today
The Vedic epic poems of India give an account of an ancient war between god-like heroes using advanced flying machines and weapons. The ancient Rama Empire and its conflict with a war-like Atlantis nation for control of the earth resulted in a cataclysm that wiped out both nations. Imagine ancient, powerful, flying machines similar to airplanes and UFOs andl flying cities too! existing at some unknown era 15,000 years ago. The secret of the Vimānas Flying Machines is now a very hot topic among alien conspiracy theorists.
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