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How to Have FUN even while Living Off-the Grid
You don't have to mope over back breaking chores if you choose to live Off-the-Grid. If you've seen the Mosquito Coast, an old movie where Harrison Ford's screen family decides to hightail into one island for forntier life. It can be amazing if you know how to have fun!
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Outdoor Sandals: The new IGUANAS issss Smokin' Sexy
Outdoor Sandals in the Philippines have come a long way. Forget overpriced beach flip-flops from Brazil.. Made in the Philippines looks gorgeous and is waaay tougher. Trending local brands compete for the heart of the Pinoy who shells out hard earned moolah for the toughest pair of sandals he can get and wear virtually on any terrain, rain or shine.. We review Iguanas Sandals coolest NEW outdoor sandals, whose designer soles are as tough as they are sexy.
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