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Outdoor Sandals: The new IGUANAS issss Smokin' Sexy

August 20, 2014       Within Reach
Outdoor Sandals na Abot ng Bulsa
Halimaw pa sa Tibay

by Michael Rene D. Kanoy

This is Iguanas top of the line Outdoor Sandal with cloth strap,
grooved insole for comfort and grip.

The underside or outsole looks as beautiful and as ruggedly designed
for all-terrain use just like your favorite lizard, the Iguana

Outdoor sandals have come a long way from the slab of recycled tire sole and sturdy leather or velcro straps of yore.  All brands available right now offer the best in outdoor trekking footwear as well as your everyday-use outdoor sandal.

Unknown to most Outdoor Sandal aficionados, there are NEW and amazing Brands that offer better product than even established sandal makers that are capitalizing on Filipinos starting to dress down in more rugged fashion and preferring even Outdoor Sandals as everyday work wear as they are more convenient and durable especially when everyone now might be wading through flood waters and other debris. 

Using regular dress shoes won't cut it, not even canvas sneakers.  So most who go to work in urban areas prone to flooding often bring these in a separate bag so they won't have to use them to wade through the rainy and wet thoroughfares of the Metro.

The most utilitarian footwear will still be the ultra-flexible Outdoor Sandal.  The designs of today's Outdoor Sandal are as beautiful as any imported name brand.  And as tough and well-built too.  Check out our pictures of IGUANAS SANDALS.

After roughly 10 months of use, my pair of Iguanas
still looks SWEET.

The brand of choice among what you can get is IGUANAS SANDALS.  The design of the footwear is amazingly beautiful and rugged as it is extremely durable for any weather, as we have tested ourselves over the course of a year  using the product.  There may be other brands that might seem to hold more cachet but they are waaay too  pricey and none of their designs even match IGUANAS SANDALS for great rugged utility and the beauty of the lizard brand's construction.

There are variations to choose from, among their Outdoor Sandals.  But the pair pictured above is the Top of the Line design, costing ONLY P325 or so at their Isetann, Recto branch.  The sole is designed to grip any terrain, while the grooved insole and cloth straps guarantee no-slip wear and a most comfortable walk in the toughest and best designed Outdoor Sandal available right now.

This genuine leather work-shoe slip-on has the same insole
and outsole as the Outdoor Sandal above

An all-terrain work-shoe with the comfort of genuine leather outdoor
sandal construction.  You won't find anything in the same
league anywhere.

For genuine soft leather work-shoes with comfort and tibay,
Iguanas is definitely tough to beat! At only P700 plus a pair too.

Iguanas Footwear also uses the same sole design for a genuine soft leather, slip-on workshoe (with straps to secure the sandal to your foot.)  This costs P720 or so and for a genuine soft leather product.  You can't beat comfort, and quality of materials, and the best construction for an outdoor sandal that doubles as your everyday workman's shoes!  They also look as rugged as the brand promises, very Jimmy Hendrix!

If you want the best value for money work shoe or Outdoor Sandals this rainy season, get yourself ALL the pairs you can.  No one will make them as good as Iguanas Sandals.  For any Off the Grid environment too, they make great gifts and barter stock when you need to.  I'm already on my fifth pair including the work shoe I bought for a smart-casual themed event recently.  Grab one or two every payday.  I promise you will NEVER regret having ALL the IGUANAS you can HOARD.

A more casual pair of outdoor sandals with comfortable cloth straps,
they do have hard vinyl straps too if you prefer a more secure
fit than cloth straps allow.

Again, Iguanas has the smartest design for ANY outdoor sandal,
these come with outersoles like racing tire grooves for a really
nice road grip. Iguanas Sandals are very tough and built to last.


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