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Roundhead: Better Red Than Dead
Another amazing 'Texas' fighter. As tough as a Kelso in any matchup. A fair bet to win a fight. Good cutting, fast and smart shuffling combined with power afer recent crosses with Hatch blood has made this gamefowl the best of the pure REDS.
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Bulick (Dom): Matalino, Mabilis, Malaslas
Other nonbelievers say it's a Sweater and Hatch in disguise. Yes, the bloodline has Sweater in it, but the Dominique Gamefowl, locally known as Bulick is a superior fighter on its own. Fast attacking, intelligent at picking off its opponent with perfect timing. A very lethal opponent. The Bulick has its own dedicated set of fans and breeders too. Camouflage has never been this deceiving until you see it in action. The Bulick won the WSC back to back in 2007 and 2008.
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LEMON: Your Homegrown Champion
The Lemon is a uniquely FIlipino homegrown bloodline from Negros, bred by sabungero stalwarts like Paeng Araneta, Batchoy Alunan, and Juancho Aguirre. This bloodline is intelligent, fast, and a good cutter. It is still deadly despite modern gamefowl being the toughest opponents in the pit today.
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Radio: That Cackling Fiend
A favorite of Johnny Jumper for being a noisy cackling annoyance of a rooster, the RADIO can fight as well as most reds and is regarded as one of the old school brawlers. Today, the breed may be regarded as slower than the current speed engines but the Radio is still a good base stock for breeding good gamefowl.
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Typewriter: Relentless Power
Blue gamefowl are some of the most underrated pit fighters around. The Wilkens Typewriter is one awesome fighting machine with relentless power in its shuffle attacks in the air or on the ground. As deep game as any modern gamefowl you can match up with.
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Albany: The Sneak
The Albany is one of those fighting cocks of the Old Guard of gamefowl breeders. For these seasoned veteran cockers, few roosters, including the modern whirlwind killing machines, are better than the Albany, and even less are its equal as one smart battlefowl
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Brassback: Yer Spangle Bruiser
Off-color gamefowl used to be culled as they were viewed as an inferior or recessive trait bearer. But not the Brassback, which is treasured precisely because of its spangled feathers. Brassback fowl fight as wicked as the original Albany and Warhorse broodstock and have attracted a fancy among certain breeders who like off-color gamefowl who fight well.
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