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The City as an Ecosystem: Understanding How the Grid Works
We need to understand that despite all the amenities and readily available conveniences of living in a modern Urban Ecosystem , there are always extreme situations that might make survival an issue of keeping emergency supplies and disaster preparedness.
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The Wisdom of BARTER: A Stash of Goods that Works like MONEY when the SHTF
Disasters have struck mankind during the last century or so and we still keep forgetting that being prepared is better than holding on to nothing. Keeping a stash will always be the smarter thing to do. Like money in the bank.
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Survival Flashlights: Stay Safe, Stay Alive
Military flashlight technology has trickled down to commercial survival flashlight makers, A flashlight can save your life, in the middle of a raging storm or when lurkers hide to attack you.
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Jim DeLozier: Survivor Truck's DIY Toughness
Survival tech expert and overland adventure enthusiast, Jim DeLozier is the owner of Survival Truck, a custom builder of tough outdoors bug-out vehicles that are designed to withstand even the zombie apocalypse. Jim talks about how his company can build custom armored vehicle solutions for any overland adventure vehicle as well as offer security training for safekeeping one's family or friends in any emergency situation.
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