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Survival Flashlights: Stay Safe, Stay Alive

July 2, 2014       Tech Buzz
Survival Flashlights: 
Keep Safe and Arm Yourself with One

In extreme weather and in safety situations, a survival flashlight
keeps you safe, alive and can also be used for self-defense situations

During Storm Season, the Philippines can be a very dangerous place to be if you are in an area that loses access to the power grid.  It is essential to have a survival flashlight at all times on your person, or in a survival kit.  Like spare change or emergency money, make a survival flashlight  part of your "don't leave home without it" gear.  LED Survival flashlights have bulbs that almost never burn out, or at least not for several thousand hours?

Extreme weather situations make it difficult to move
around without a survival flashlight

Survival Flashlights are very handy tools for everyday use and life savers during an emergency.  A good survival flashlight is a nice investment, and if you spend on one, invest in higher quality, because in many cases you'll be using it every day. 

At least one good flashlight in a survival kit bigger than pocket size and lightweight that can emit a compact, lightweight, have a reasonably bright, evenly distributed beam that isn't too narrow, compact, lightweight, have a reasonably bright, evenly distributed beam that isn't too narrow.

Virtually all the smallest single LED keychain lights use lithium "coin" cell batteries, which these days are readily available in most drug and hardware stores.  Make sure your survival flashlight is stored in your kit or glovebox and cannot be turned on inadvertently, if batteries are installed.  Some survival flashlights do have lock-out switches that prevent inadvertent activation, but they are rare.   Small single LED keychain flashlights can be a more difficult problem. Generally, you use them to save space and bulky packaging to protect the switch defeats that purpose.

When there is no light source, all humans are impaired and grope in the dark, it doesn't even have to be nighttime for a flashlight to come in very handy.  If you are caught alone in an extreme situation, the only sure source of light is the light you bring with you.  With the advent of compact and affordable LED keychain-size flashlights, there's no reason for anyone not to carry a flashlight at all times.

Extreme weather conditions often knock out the power grid,
so you need a good LED flashlight to last through the ordeal

Batteries:  Your Lifeline to Bright LED Performance

Use only alkaline or lithium batteries for survival flashlights.  All good brand name batteries are now marked with an expiration date, but if the batteries you buy are not dated, always mark them with an expiration date.  A conservative storage life for generic alkaline batteries would be 3-4 years.  Never use old-fashioned zinc-carbon batteries. If it doesn't say "alkaline" or "lithium" on the battery, don't buy it. 

Standard alkaline batteries today have longer shelf lives and keep reliable with excellent battery life of most small LED flashlights.  Remember to change batteries on a regular rotation and change them out if you happen to use the flashlight for a long time in any particular situation.  Use Lithium AA-cells.  While quite a bit more expensive than alkaline batteries, lithium batteries are the best buy for survival flashlights.  These are the best choice for survival kit use because of their long shelf life, up to 10 years, with 90% to 95% capacity, or better, retained.

For self-defense, anywhere, a survival flashlight provides you
with tactical advantage and you can take it anywhere
without raising eyebrows

For Self Defense, Military Spec Survival Flashlights are Best

For self defense, carrying a military spec survival flashlight with your in your purse or hip pocket is a life saver.  If you suspect any dark area to be harboring suspected criminals or someone breaking into your home, turn on your survival flashlight and point it where threats may pose danger.  Your enemy loses his advantage of surprise and the glare in his eyes impairs his chances of harming you.  If in a tussle, you can use the heavy and hardened, rugged edge of some survival flashlights to strike at the head of an attacker to maim him enough to escape harm.  Any other weapon to protect yourself cannot be carried into guarded facilities like banks and malls but a survival flashlight can be carried everywhere.

Survival flashlights mean more today as essential equipment than anything else.  Invest in one and you will never regret getting one.  You might even get more as gifts for friends and family.  They are that good.


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