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Vegetable Container Gardening: What to Grow?
Starting a container food garden and growing vegetables and want to know how it works with what you like? Here is a basic guide to the most common vegetables that still grow well in container gardens.
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New Lives for the Better: Becoming a Farmer
In the U.S. as well as in the Philippines, young people are choosing to be farmers. Organic produce and staying healthy is a real concern. And good markets provide an incentive for everyone to live and become like Farner Abraham. The rewards of growing your own food are outweighing being a corporate slave. And more rewarding than most would give the farming life credit for. Modern Farmer beat magazines like Vogue and GQ for Nationa Magazine of the Year, so you know kids aren't that fussy about their duds anymore, but are curious about growing the best year-round spuds. Amazing.
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Be Your Own Food Grocery (Living Off-Grid)
More reasons why growing your own food works in the long run. You can sell off extra and you never run out of food even during extreme situations when you can't get to the grocery. So its time to be your own green grocery! Keep those food scraps and grow them back into greens for the table. Heirloom seeds are cheap and only a few minutes a day dedicated to checking your food stores and storage bins should help you keep a home green grocer going.
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An Urban Bowery for your Lifeline
Green spaces abound everywhere in the city and converting them into Food Gardens or orchards may help provide both food security and a better resilience for when the Supply Grid falters. No need to worry about the shelves of your supermarket running out during an extreme situation when you can walk a couple of blocks and get both free fresh produce or cheap local food from the municipal garden. They can even provide heirloom seeds for your own home garden needs!
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Fleet Farming: Orlando Community Volunteers Convert Lawns into Food Farms
Fleet Farming is a perfect example of a community based urban farming effort that promotes a sharing economy. They have a very organized system for making everything work including making use of fruits that would otherwise be spoiled--a gleaning operation meant to provide cheap and free food to the community. You can even pay them to set up your own food garden and harvest for yourself. If any good souls check them out, they would be the perfect rehab system for the urban poor, the rural disadvantaged and everyone else who wants to survive without being part of any rat race.
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