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Onions: The Best Cure for Allergies and Colds and Stress
Ever been in a wheezing and sneezy fit that goes away once you munch on a raw whole onion? Onions are the unsung hero for cold remedies and allergy therapies. They also make ofr the best pizza ingredients as well as for making ordinary meals amazing! Make a sock onion to put on your feet before you sleep and allow the onion's vapors to seep into your body and help you heal and get stronger from the flu. Cut onions in a bowl can help absorb germs and the mold spores in the air to detoxify your room. Onion soup may be the best healing regimen you can include as part of your diet to fight stress.
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Music Makes Everything Better
Modern medical practitioners have found out that music allows patients to heal better, sustain therapies with less pain, and get better results from exercise and treatments. Even loud music has healing benefits too by inducing endorphins and other feel good brain chemicals into a person and improve his mood. Staying healthy is as much a matter of minds staying upbeat and enjoying even the drudgery of a hospital stay or washing one's laundry for half the day.
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Healthy Mind: Writing Longhand Improves Working Memory
Learning psychologists have proven that taking notes by writing them out longhand helps improve working memory. Longhand notetaking is meant to help students filter all facts and only choose which are important and how to string them together on their paper notebook. This activity helps one learn better and retain information longer in working memory areas of the brain. If you want to keep sharp, better keep a real paper notebook and a pen and use them all the time. A healthy mind also comes from figuring things out while you take notes.
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Sineguelas: Antioxidant Fruits in Your Backyard Forest Garden
Costing only P15 a kilo at your local farmer's market, the sineguelas is a small fruit, kids love to gorge on as an after playtime snack but it is also packed with very potent antioxidants and phytochemicals that can help your body fight stress, ailments and keep yourself fit. What can cure your feeling of malaise from bad air (kulob na hangin), allergies, stomach problems, and stress is a simple plum that grows anywhere in our country. If you know what's good for you, you'd plant 3 sineguelas trees in your backyard and ecourage your neighbors, local baranggay and even your city officials to have them in all public spaces.
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Cleanse Your System with Cucumber
Cucumber is a highly regarded vegetable for healing and cleansing the body of toxins, rehydrating yourself and moisturizing skin as a natural beauty treatment regimen. Natural healing advocates within the medical community advise patients to try cucumber as a regular part of their diet to flush out bacteria and viruses. While as a healing regimen, cucumber is effective maintennance treatment for arthritis, gout, acid reflux, hyperacidity, alkaline fixing, kidney cleansing and rejuvenation, liver detox and healing and as a simple beauty solution for better skin.
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Cinnamon: Sweet Tooth Favorite that Keeps You Alive
Cinnamon treats may be sinfully sweet, but cinnamon itself is used as a healing food regimen. The spice when imbibed regularly can help your body fight cancer, stress and germs as a natural antiooxidant with antibiotic properties. It is also good as an antifungal agent and as an analgesic agent. Cinnamon as part of your regular diet can normalize bodily functions and keep you in shape. Plus you can indulge every so often in those gloriously gooey cinnamon rolls.
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