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Xmas Every Month? Try Russian Candy!
Some of the best yet underrated candy and chocolate brands come from up north! From Russia to be precise. Unlike U.S. brands which may be using GMO ingredients you may not know, Russian food brands use pure natural ingredients especially the long-time favorites in their country. Russian candy is also known for being generously portioned--as big as your thumb--and their nut-filling chocolates and caramels and toffees are among Eastern Europe's favorites too. Get yourself some Russian candy this holiday season and every month after!
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Xmas for the Movie Marathon Groupies: HD (4K) Media Players
You don't need an expensive smartphone, tablet, or PC to watch or listen to HD media files anymore. A very nice gift this Xmas or for any occasion will be the latest portable 4K--UltraHigh Definition--media players that can plug into any TV monitor or computer monitor for your music or movie marathon fix. An HD media player will be your cheap and portable home theater system that also works off-grid with any TV.
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