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Xmas Every Month? Try Russian Candy!

October 27, 2016       Within Reach
Russian Candy!
You like X'mas every month?

Look for a Russian candy
subscription box online!

Looking for that guilty pleasure fix every month that will be worth every penny?  Try a Russian candy subscription box.  Of if you are looking for a special treat this coming holiday season, take a look at what Russian brands of both chocolate and candy sweets (caramels, peanut candies, glazed rock candies, milk and fruit filled treats and more) have to offer you.

Western brands of sweets may contain GMO ingredients that you may not be aware of that may wreck havoc on your body's metabolism as it builds up when you consume their candies. 
Vladimir Putin has already declared GMO to be off-limits to the Russian food supply grid and has invested heavily into turning his country around as one of the most prolific producers of organic and natural produce and livestock in the world.

Trade with the Russian Federation may be the boon for all ASEAN neighbors for getting the best non-poisonous food imports such as grain, organic produce and maybe the most important of all:  Russian candy!

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Here's what a mix sweet gift box of Russian candies look like.
There are several online sellers of European sweets for
finding your own Russian candy subscription box.
A monthly order may run from $14 for 1 lb batch up to $32 for
a box.

The premium brands of Russian candy make their goodies with organic ingredients--such as fruit jams, real milk and real dried fruit and peanuts.  Russian candy brands have a reputation for making some of the most generously portioned, traditionally wrapped candies in the world--sulit!  Russian candy and chocolates may just be THE sleeper hit in the making after Pinoys figure out that western brands are actually pumped with GMO ingredients instead of all-natural and organic food ingredients. 

Of course beware of the cheaper brands or you will be disappointed.  Western and Chinese candy brands, especially the gummy candies that are extremely popular with the kindergarten set, which are mostly sugars packed with chemical flavor enhancers and food dyes. 

The best Russian candies are all-natural, caramel-filled chewy toffees, and nut or fruit filled chocolate pieces the size of your thumb.  You can get authentic Russian candy brands from any subscription box service from Cratejoy that specialize in European sweets and have Cyrillic letter branding on their candy wrappers or with online food outlets like

A candy subsciption box service called from Canada offers Cyrillic brand and Russian candies at 500 gms. for $32 and a 1000 gms. for $50 offer.  Check them out.

Red October Candy

This Russian brand the makes the legendary Alyonka chocolate bar that is very popular in Eastern Europe.  Red October also makes rock candy (hard-boiled sweets) and toffee chewables.
  Like Pinoys swearing over peanut candy brand ChocNut as the national candy brand, Russians may regard Alyonka as their comfort food candy.

The Red October brand uses only natural products in manufacturing their sweets and does not include synthetic preservatives or food substitutes. The Russian chocolate maker claims on their website that they actually use 100 types of fruits, cacao beans, sugars, candied vegetables, milk and other ingredients in their candies. 
Red October also source their cacao from African countries, Cote d'Ivoire and Ghana.  as well as high grade sweet chocolate cacao beans from Ecuador, Java, Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada.

On their website catalog here are the kinds of chocolates you may find from Red October:

Bar chocolate "Alyonka" (Girl's name), "Zolotoi Yarlyk" (Golden Label), "Skazki Pushkina" (Pushkin's Fairy Tales), spongy chocolate "Slava" (Glory) and "Koniok Gorbunok" (Hunchback Horse), but also cocoa (Golden and Silver Label") as well as best kinds of chocolate-coated candies - "Mishka Kosolapy" (Pigeon-Toed Bear), "Krasnaya Shapochka" (The Little Red Riding Hood), "Petushok-Zolotoi Grebeshok" (Cockeret-Golden Comb), " Triufeli" (Truffles).

In the near future, if all goes well with President Roddy Duterte and Russian President Vladimir Putin making inroads on getting a trade and business relationship going, like our neighbor Indonesia, we may soon find the best Russian candies in our supermarkets.


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