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Pigeon Fancier? Old Frills are the Best! The Flying Dolls of Fancy Pigeons
Like KPOP idols, Satinette Pigeons all look girly and cute, even the males. They might have a hard time feeding their young becuase of short beaks but no other breed of fancy pigeon is as adorable as Old Frills
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Oriental Frills: The History of the Satinette Pigeon Fancy
Love Old Frills? They are more commonly known as Satinettes. As fancy pigeons they do not have the intense ability of the blue bar to navigate back home reading the earth;s magnetic field. Satinettes are more pet pigeons and are bred for show. Even though they may be able to navigate home to some extent. Here is some trivia how they were brought from Greece to the European fanciers.
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Classic Old Frills Standard for SHOW COMPETITION
Fancy Pigeons as pets are sweet. Your time is best spent perfecting the bloodline during breedign so that your LOVABLES stands out during Show Competitions.
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