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Why you should Switch your Desktop to Ubuntu Yesterday
Why you should switch your desktop to UBUNTU yesterday. Make your desktop, the sexiest workstation and the most powerful and easy to use without worrying about privacy issues and security online.
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Open Source Ecology: Build Your Life, Build Civilization
Need an oven for your bakery? A tractor for your farm? Plans for a low cost dwelling? Factory equipment for your prodcution line? Do not worry about expensive brand name products anymore, a new Open Source engineering group has set up a website where all blueprints for your equipment needs are readily available for download so that YOU can build what YOU NEED, more affordably. And their equipment designs are already built and tested as durable and effective for their intended purpose.
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Free Open Source Hardware: Build Your Own Computer, Mobile Phone, and Car!
The Open Source Hardware Association is a product design and manufacturing advocacy that wants people to be empowered to build their own everyday work tools or any other product and profit from them without being saddled by expensive proprietary nature of tech patents and expensive brands without infringing on any existing technlogy patents. The transition to open source systems of production should be studied as the only way for every culture and society to survive the pitfalls of unbridled capitalism.
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Raspberry Pi 3! Rig Together a Media Center for only $35! Plays Video Games Too!
The Raspberry Pi 3 is a pocket computer board that can be configured into a gaming console emulator, a media center for digital files, a robotics A.I., or used as a cheap alternative to a fully-rigged PC for basic functions such as web surfing or word processing. It is a DIY hobbyist gadget for building your own portable compact device or as a test computer for running anything you might want to code. If you want to set up better than PISO NET workstations that can double as video game consoles and media center, buy several for a fraction of the cost for a fully set-up PC network.
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