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Open Source Ecology: Build Your Life, Build Civilization

September 26, 2014 | By: Blessing       Cutting Edge
Open Source Ecology  
Hope for the Build Yourself – to Build Civilization.

Your project is amazing. Thrilling, actually…
It’s people like you who really give me hope for the future.
— Chris Anderson, TED Curator

The old model for innovation invovled cutthroat competition and patent wars to be the first to make plenty of money in a dog-eat-dog world.  The idea being that if there were surpluses from getting rich, there would be more to share with everyone else.

But we know all of that is hogwash after at least a century of seeing where people go with cutthroat competition and patent wars as well as agriculture companies creating GMOs with terminator genes.  GREED fueling everything rather than actual innovation.

Thank goodness, people step up and turn everything on its head.  Good people.

The Open Source Ecology is a group that seeks to increase innovation by open collaboration.  Noble Purpose.

On their website is set of open source blueprints for the Global Village Construction Set (GVCS) – a set of the 50 most important machines to help one make a living:  everything from a tractor, to an oven, to a circuit maker.

Imagine individuals and groups everywhere helping develop open source, libre hardware--powerful, self-replicating production tools for distributed production.  You can build all of these yourself to help yourself AND your  community survive and produce your own surpluses.  And not be beholden to anybody but be responsible for improving your own lives AND helping others as well. 

The Open Source Ecology movement seeks to go beyond just tools and gadgets, and create blueprints of machines that make other machines.  When this happens, people can build EVERYTHING for themselves, and this is the seed for putting together a civilization that SHARES and is sustainable too.

Open Source and Open Economics

Open Source refers to the model of providing goods and services which includes the possibility of the end-user’s participation in the production of these goods and services. Knowledge is not a proprietary property in an Open Source system.

Extending  the Open Source model to the creating or manufacturing any goods and services- and opening access to the information and technology creates an economic system based on open access.  Machine blueprints are readily accessible information and all that know-how can be utilized by an increased number of people.  

An extended and participatory model of production is the core of a democratic society, where stability is established naturally by the balance of human activity with sustainable use and sharing  of natural resources.

What is Open Source Ecology?

The concept of Open Source Ecology is based on a creative and interdependent relationship among people, production methods, and all available resources for a sustainable, manageable and regenerating economy that offers quality of life where all have the potential to be productive and succeed.

Open Source Ecology

The Open Source Ecology project is a collaboration among some of the world's most talented individuals who believe that the idea of 'Open Sourcing' ideas will help save the world and improve everyone's lives.  It is an ethic of groupthink community,  with smart people sharing what they know and letting people pitch in their ideas so that everyone can avail of knowledge to make better lives for themselves.

By putting together experts who are willing to share their knowledge, The Open Source Ecology movement bridges any gaps in know-how and allows everyone access to survival technology.

The members of Open Source Ecology are all experts of varying degrees in design, engineering, art, communications, video, writing, enterprise.  They have started many hands-on  pilot projects to prove that their idea for 'Open Sourcing'  knowledge is workable even with limited resources.  

The volunteers for the Open Source Ecology build commonly-available tools and create processes that allow people with little prior experience to build anything as good as brand name or proprietary tech – using good planning, readily available materials or 'Open Hardware,'  and innovating on what blueprints they create to make the knowledge, the best there is for Open Source Ecology.

All of the efforts of the Open Source Ecology movement is focused towards to accelerate innovation – to make a better world – and to leave nobody behind.

In their website, the members of the Open Source Ecology espouse the following mission:

'Our goal is to show that anyone, provided access to tools and techniques – can tap amazing productivity, creativity, and power – on a transition from consumer culture to a new level of responsibility. Our goal is to create a cultural revolution – where you can Build Yourself – and build the world around you. We offer Design Sprints, immersion workshops, and the summer of extreme design/builds. Our work is geared at students, professionals, and social entrepreneurs – and anyone looking to make a change in the world, reskill themselves, and collaborate in a growing community creating the collaborative economy. Our goal is to create a kernel for a Civilization Starter Kit, and to create a formidable, open source development platform to create the next economy.'


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