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Gamefowl Fighting Styles!
Want to know how each of your favorite Bloodline fights inside the ring? Here is a rundown of the most popular Gamefowl Bloodline fighting styles among the roosters you will come across in derbies and mains all across our sabong loving nation. Looking for a bloodline to help improve your own broodstock, check out our list so you know what traits go best with your own favored gamefowl.
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Gamefowl: Why Filipinos Love it and How to Get into the Sport
A Brief Reminder on Why We are Nuts over Gamefowl than Women, Wine and Song. And of course, how to get into all that crazy action.
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For the Love of Gamefowl : Michael Ian Espinosa
Gamefowl aficionado from Negros, Michael Espinosa hosts a Cebu based radio program about gamefowl breeding and gamefowl science. He is also a gamefowl breeder and advocates accessibility to all the vital gamefowl basic knowledge for everyone to enjoy the sport whether he be a rich gamefowl breeder with a farm or just the regular Pinoy with a trio in his backyard with big dreams of winning a local pit fight. Check out Rey Bejenting's interview with this amazing Negros man dedicated to gamefowl as a hobby and sport.
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Pyle: Full Metal Slasher
The Pyle is one of unique off-color gamefowl known for its gameness and slashing prowess. An awesome killing machine with the long knife on its spurs, it takes no prisoners as a Full Metal Slasher.
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