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Gamefowl: Why Filipinos Love it and How to Get into the Sport

February 8, 2014       Gamefowl Circuit
Gamefowl: Why Filipinos
Love it and How to
Get into the Sport

Filipino men from all walks of life have an undying passion for gamefowl that surpasses most notions of other pet hobbyists. We breed fighting cocks for a very competitive and murderous sport and we enjoy every minute of it. Pardon our bloodlust for angry birds, but this kinship among gamefowl aficionados has gone on forever.

Raising competitive gamefowl for sabong is an extremely profitable industry in itself. From the haciendero with hectares devoted to imported breeds, to your neighborhood tricycle driver who raises two or three stags in carefully prepared cages at the back of his small home—everyone literally spends half his wages to keep their birds in top shape for the next cockfight derby.

Getting into the Sport:

Choosing your poison is the most important part.  What bloodline do you choose and maintain?  To the point that inbreeding is the most frequent choice for keeping and continuing a bloodline rather than getting inferior stock through cross-breeding and diluting the bloodline.

Chosen birds usually come from a winning line of fighters plus a rudimentary requirement of size measurements and weight measurements as well as the physical appearance of the brood cock. 

Breeding stock is usually sourced from some winning cockfighter with a network of suppliers for his bloodline of gamefowl. There is a certain affinity for pure-bred fighters and if one is just getting started in the sport, one gets advice from seasoned breeders and cockpit veterans.

Small breeders start with a Trio—the popular term for a brood stag and 2 hens. Then raise at least 10 stags for fight season and up to 20 more during the off season.

Cull the female chicks that don’t make the cut as breeding stock for next year. You may raise these as poultry for your weekend Tinola specials to share with the family. For the breeding hens, feed them with a low protein diet during the off season so they won’t lay eggs but still keep healthy.  Never shortchange feeds for your fighting cocks. Stags with a good gait and conformation, healthy and alert, are the criteria of choice for buyers of breeds.

Organic methods of raising stags are also taking storm among breeders for better and healthier birds. Also for less reliance on expensive meds and treatments. There is available information and technology transfers at your nearest provincial Department of Agriculture satellite office.  

Sparring your stags develops their fighting skill, an innate or bred ability that can be honed with practice matches, a keep system helps them be as conditioned as an athlete right before a fight match.  Learn everything there is to know about the sport of cockfighting so that you can discuss your stock’s prowess and ability with prospective buyers. As tempting as it is to join the sport for big bucks and prestige of winning the derbies, do not lose sight of one’s goal as a breeder—to sell the best fighters and breeders at the best prices for both you and your patrons.



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