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Computers Going Quantum: NASA Runs First Quantum Supercomputer
NASA is now running the world's first quantum computer which could possibly change the way our tech works. The space agency will first develop computing protocols that will establish the technology as an accurate, extremely eficient way of using electonic computing power before commercial applications are spinned off. 5 years from now, expect the windfall to be amazing.
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NASA Is Making All Its Research Data Available for FREE on Internet!
Most content on scientific websites can only be accessed by a paywall / subscription service, but NASA, the U.S. Space agency is making ALL of its publicly-funded, research data availble online for FREE. If people like amateur astronomers or kids studying planets want a good look at hard science research, they can now access the NASA archives online for FREE! NASA also has a dedicated webpage for STEM curriculum materials for educators and schools with FREE lesson plans and teaching aids--the NASA Wavelength website.
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