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NASA Is Making All Its Research Data Available for FREE on Internet!

August 23, 2016       Curious Mind
NASA Makes Research
Access Free!

Science knowledge enthusiasts and
amateur astronomers can now pore
through the research archives of
the NASA website for free.

NASA Wavelength and NASA research provide free access to both
hard science research and STEM curriiculum learning
materials for FREE.

NASA, the U.S. Space Agency, is making all of its public-funded, research data available online to everyone for free in the spirit of encouraging learning and improve the sharing of space sciences and earth knowledge around the world.  The announcement comes as part of a 2013 directive from the Obama administration's Office of Science and Technology that agencies that handle knowledge research increase access to their archives.
  The E.U. is also in line to allow free online access to most knowledge and science research from its member science agencies by 2020.

“At NASA, we are celebrating this opportunity to extend access to our extensive portfolio of scientific and technical publications,” Dava Newman, NASA’s  Deputy Administrator, was quoted  as saying.

If kids want to have a go at playing research astronomer or want to know more about NASA's astronaut program, they can check a designated NASA webpage
for research archives. 

For schools and educators, NASA even has another website that has extensive resources made free for educators for kids from K to 12 and for higher education requirements.  These include lesson plans and teaching materials to support any country;s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) curriculum on the NASA Wavelength website.

With most learning institutions now leaning towards Open Source and free learning, even NASA is allowing its hallowed knowledge and publicly-funded research archives to be accessible for FREE to online researchers.


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